Dog Crate and Kennel: Are They the Same?

Do you have that spot in your home where you can unplug from the world’s chaos, sleep, and rest? Whatever comes to mind while reading this, indeed, that spot you are looking for is what has always been your personal space.

 As much as you need your personal space, your dogs need them too. It is their private sanctuary, where they may unwind from the stress brought by loud sounds, unfamiliar surroundings, and large crowds. It is also their place to replenish their batteries after playing their hearts out with their fur friends at the dog park.

Dog Crate VS. Dog Kennels


The personal space for dogs is their crates or kennels. Dogs are naturally naughty and playful. When they are young, they tend to explore more since they want to know their environment better. They chew on random things and even scratch a lot of furniture. These behaviors are why dog crates or kennels are an excellent present for your dogs, as they will keep them from engaging with those behaviors.

Aside from crates and kennels keeping your pet safe and secure while you’re not around, they may also be practical training tools. It keeps them from committing the things they must not be doing. But, let’s not be cruel and keep in mind that our dogs must always be at ease in their crates or kennels. They are your dog’s haven, not a prison for punishment when they did something wrong. Nope, that’s not the training that they signed up for.  

Crates and kennels must be the tool for prevention, not a place for punishment. It must provide comfort and privacy for your pet. 

Most dogs prefer to avoid soiling their surroundings if they can. This habit means that long crate and kennel times are not advisable. Short periods of crate time may assist pups going through a chewing phase to curb their chewing activity. 

I know you wondered why I kept mentioning crate and kennel separately with you reading this far. Alas! Aside from many similarities, they are very different from each other. Continue to read on and know their differences.


A dog crate is a secure and safe place where your pet may spend a brief time. Dog crates are available in various sizes, styles, and materials.  

According to RSPCA, You may use a dog crate for four primary purposes:

  1. If you have an open “den” space, some dogs benefit from having a place to feel protected, which is a crate.
  2. In training, you can teach your dogs how to be left alone when you are not there to supervise them. Also, a pet can use it in potty training as they know that their crates are where they sleep and relax, not where they do their “deed.”
  3. After surgery, pets may use the crate while recovering from an illness or injury.
  4. To keep your dog safe when traveling, using a crate in the trunk of your vehicle is a good suggestion. 

Now that we know what a crate is and its functions, let’s learn what a kennel is and how it differs from a dog crate.

According to Pro Train Dog, a kennel for dogs may be described as a shelter or house for pets made of plastic, metal bars, or wire mesh. A dog kennel confines your dog while providing him with a secure and cozy environment. It’s a great tool for dog owners, particularly if you don’t have a fenced backyard or garden.  

Yes, I know it sounds the same as the dog crates. But, hold up. Nope, they’re different from each other. According to Hepper, the following are the differences of a kennel compared to a crate.  

A kennel is usually larger than a crate. You may accommodate more than one dog at a time in a kennel. The primary purpose of constructing a kennel is to use it permanently. Kennels are built to endure instead of foldable boxes made of flimsier materials. 

The purpose of a kennel is to keep a dog away from the house. Certain dog kennels come with a roof cover for when it’s too hot or rainy, like the Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Dog Kennel. 

A dog’s kennel is its primary place of residence. Since the kennel is large enough for your dog to roam around comfortably, sleep, and play, they’ll be happy to spend hours in there with you. 

Aside from aesthetics, kennels provide your dog with more sunshine and fresh air than standard wooden dog housing. Because kennels are more open and airier, your dog is less likely to feel abandoned, claustrophobic, or worried while being there.

Common Types of Dog Crates and Kennels

Now that you know about the difference between a crate and a kennel, let’s learn about its common types.

1. Dog Crate Furniture

Dog crates have not been eye-pleasing since time immemorial. Because most of them are not aesthetic, it’s also tricky to deal with when decorating a house. But, hey! Furniture-styled crates are there to save you!

Dog crate furniture combines the practicality of a regular dog cage with the stylishness of an end, buffet, or side table. Your living area, kitchen, bedroom, studio apartment, and more may benefit from dog cage furniture! 

2. Large Dog Kennel

The large dog kennel is the best for the most enormous and potent canines and the brightest puppies. Like our houses, your dog’s kennel should be large enough to stand up, turn around, lay down, and stretch out in it without feeling cramped. Kennels for puppies should be large enough to accommodate their growth.

3. Indoor Dog Kennels 

While for those pet owners who want their dogs inside, indoor dog kennels should only be somewhat more extensive than the dog’s actual size. They’re being used to keep dogs in the yard or home in most cases. Using cages to keep dogs from misbehaving while their owners are away or avoiding accidents during potty training is common among some pet owners.

The following situations are ideal for using an indoor dog crate:

  • Young puppies are learning to use the toilet
  • Harmful or destructive dogs when owners are not around
  • Dogs with phobias, such as separation anxiety 

All In One Dog Crate and Kennel

Amidst all of the types of dog crates and kennels mentioned above, don’t you wonder if there is a product where you get all the types mentioned? Let’s put an end to that dilemma! Hiddin got us covered with their dog crates. Let me present to you why Hiddin’s dog crates got it all. 

1. It can be a dog crate and furniture. 

Dog crates in the form of furniture are meant to mix with the rest of your home’s decor. A good example of dog crate furniture available in the market is the ones from Hiddin. With its transparent design, you can mix it up with any of your home decors. It also has a solid Lucite top perfect as a side table. 

After reading this, I get that you want to buy dog crate furniture, but don’t forget to consider your dog’s size. Dog crate furniture is perfect for smaller dog breeds. Hence, pet owners who don’t have a separate room for their dog’s cage may use this crate. 

Now you may be thinking, how about your large dogs? Hiddin has you covered as they also have large-sized ones for your big fur friends.

2. It can also be a large dog kennel.

Standard dog kennels are often composed of lightweight wood or plastic. But not Hiddin’s Large Clear Dog Crate to Gate, as it is a sturdy acrylic construction that is extremely long and wide. Even the most cunning canine escapologist will have difficulty getting out of a large dog kennel because of the several locks. Heavy-duty dog cages are an excellent option for dogs that want more protection. 


3. It can also be an indoor dog kennel. 

As mentioned above, Hiddin’s dog crate can serve as furniture – meaning it can also be an indoor dog kennel. It is an indoor dog kennel that is pleasing to the eyes because its transparent design looks like it just dissolves into the space. 

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Key Takeaway

It is normal to be confused about dog crates and kennel as some people may use them interchangeably. But after reading this article, I’m sure you already have a better understanding and be able to distinguish the similarities and differences between the two. But if you can find something that has the characteristics of both, then it’s a win! So, it’s also essential to research the products you’ll spend on. Choose something that best suits your taste as a house decor or furniture and at the same time covers your pet’s needs!

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