Ultra-Modernize Your Home with Clear Acrylic Dining Table and Chairs

Looking for a new way to keep your house sleek and stylish? You need not look further. A chic set of clear acrylic tables and dining chairs is the answer to your problem.

If you want to give your home that exquisite luster, let go of the traditional furniture options and think outside the box. Try out clear acrylic furniture. Mixing both quality and style, making your home’s interior design classier has never been this easy. 

With a clear acrylic dining table and chairs, you can dine in style and comfort with its ergonomic design meant for those who are looking for a touch of ultramodern artistry which comes in iconic forms and shapes. 

The rising craze for clear acrylic chairs, known as ghost chairs, has piqued the interest of designers in the market as well as consumers who are looking for a stylish albeit, modern aesthetic. Owing to its transparency, acrylic dining tables and Lucite dining chairs offer a “barely there” feel to your interior design, making everything airy and spacious.

Why Choose Clear Acrylic Dining Table and Chairs? 

Everyone wants a home that leaves an impression. Having a set of acrylic tables and chairs in your dining area will provide a stunning accent against any material or design. At first glance, because of its transparency, it may even give the illusion of wider space which is great for apartments or small houses. Having transparent acrylic furniture can lighten up a room allowing a cozy, hygge effect, and a cool edge. You should choose acrylic furniture if you’re aiming to make your space look bigger. 

Acrylic dining room chairs are pleasing to the eye and can give you a lighter feel in any room. If you think your house is a bit stuffy, swap your old chairs for some clear acrylic dining chairs and pair them with an acrylic dining table to maximize the serene ambiance of your dining area. 

Transparent acrylic dining tables and Lucite dining chairs can add a great accent to any interior design. It can complement any dark-colored decor items or wooden decorations and furniture. Mix and match it with traditional or any contemporary home designs and you’ll keep your guests talking about it.

The Magic That Clear Design Furniture Brings Out

Lucite furniture, such as clear acrylic dining tables and dining room chairs, are great additions to make your dining experience more enjoyable. At first glance, these pieces of furniture may look like glass, but their sturdiness will speak for itself. 

The transparency of the material also allows more light into the room, giving you the illusion of a wider space. If you’re looking for a change of dining set but are hesitant to buy furniture that can only make your dining area stuffy, a clear acrylic table and chairs set is the one for you.

Because of its transparency and translucency, light can easily get through the material, giving your dining set a luminous glamour that is too stylish to say “no” to. Its ergonomic design is meant for comfort while you dine with family and friends. 

What’s more? The ‘barely there’ effect of a clear acrylic chair or table can give a ghostly impression that demands a second look. 

Imagine placing something on top of a clear acrylic dining table and having guests wonder in awe and taking a double look at those seemingly floating plates and cutleries. 

The History of Acrylic Furniture

The development of acrylics can be dated way back to the early 1930s when it was licensed under the brand names Lucite and Plexiglass. Acrylic is known scientifically as Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which is moldable when exposed to extremely high temperatures. 

During World War II, acrylic was used for submarine periscopes and airplane windshields under the name Plexiglass, while Lucite made its way to commercial use for jewelry, handbags, and cosmetic packaging. From then on, its durability and the ability to be molded into various forms have attracted the attention of designers around the world. 

In 1939, cosmetic magnate and art collector, Helena Rubinstein, commissioned interior designer Ladislas Medgyes to embellish her New York apartment with an entire suite of acrylic furnishings. The stunning pieces included a Lucite illuminated bed which exuded a balance of class and sophistication.

After the war ended, acrylic was more than ready to be used as material for furniture. The brand Lucite has grown and has been permanently tied to the popularized type of translucent acrylic furniture. It is now the widely adapted name for aesthetically-pleasing transparent furniture.

The Growing Trend of Acrylic Furniture 

During the 60s and 70s, more furniture designers took interest in using acrylic instead of glass for furniture production due to its durability, flexibility, and moldability. Compared to glass, acrylic is more versatile, and production costs are much less. Artists can modify acrylic into various forms and designs. Despite being a lightweight material, it is durable and can withstand heavyweights, which makes it a great material for furniture. Clear acrylic is also translucent and can beautifully reflect light. Did you know that most chandelier crystals are made of Lucite? 

The market has a lot of Lucite furniture options for all of your needs. Lucite chairs now come in different tints. You’re surely going to find the perfect piece that can fit your style and personality.

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Final Thoughts 

Clear acrylic dining tables and chairs are classy and timeless. With the right design, you can upgrade your home’s interior to a whole new level. But if you’re the type who isn’t afraid of something a little extra, you can go for tinted acrylic chairs and give your home a touch of futuristic design too precious to say no to. 

Looking for the perfect furniture that can exude both style and class is no easy task. Hardwood is great, but if you’re looking for something lighter and futuristic, getting tinted acrylic furniture is the best option for you. Acrylic furniture has proven that it can compete with other materials in terms of quality and aesthetics. 

So, what are you waiting for? start looking for acrylic chairs and dining tables now!

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