Key Differences Between Residential and Commercial Moving

We all need the help of others when we want to move from one place to another. Moving from one place to another doesn’t mean you just have to pack a suitcase and live in another house. When you are moving your family to a new house, you need to move all your belongings and household items that are needed in your new house.

You can get the help of your friends or family members but no one is interested in sparing a lot of time in helping others to move. So, for this purpose, you should hire a residential moving company in Saratoga CA, or any other area where you live. No doubt, these professional companies help you a lot in packing your belongings and moving from one place to another.

Let us tell you moving does not only include shifting from one house to another in the same or different locations. You can also get the help of professional companies to move your office. We call it commercial moving. No doubt, there is a slight difference between these two residential services that will be discussed in this guide.

Commercial Moving

Let us first explain what is commercial moving. Commercial moving can be defined as moving your belongings on a large scale. In other words, you hire a commercial moving company when you need to move a large-scale company and relocate your business from one place to another.

We know that when we have to move an office, there are many items and equipment in your office that you need a lot of people to move. These items may include computers, tables, chairs, desks, water heater and many more. Thus it is not an easy task to move heavy machinery. That’s why expert and experienced movers are required for this purpose.

Residential Moving

Now, let us talk about residential moving. You need relocation services when you are shifting from one house to another. It includes simply shifting an apartment or house where you need to pack your furniture and other belongings and move to your new house.

When it comes to residential moving, a few people are required for this purpose. When you are done with packing, you just need to make sure that all your belongings are undamaged when they reach the destination. But if your belongings include piano, glass pieces, and antique furniture, it is like a challenge to keep them undamaged. So, you should hire experts to get this work done efficiently. Local movers in Austin are best for residential moving.

Key Differences

Following are some of the key differences between residential moving and commercial moving:

●     Team Members

When we talk about residential moving, you need two or three people to pack your belongings and other items and move them safely from one location to another. But when it comes to commercial moving, you need a bunch of people to lift heavy equipment and move it. The increased number of workers adds to the reliability of moving service.

●     Transporting Belongings

The number of items to be transported in residential moving is less than commercial moving. You need a number of trucks for commercial moving as there are much of heavy equipment and a lot of items to be moved.

The number of trucks depends on how much space you need. On the other hand, you just need one truck for residential moving.

●     Time Factor

When it comes to figuring out the time to be consumed for residential moving and commercial moving, it is stated by the professionals that residential moving consumes a lot of time. It is because commercial moving should happen faster.

Residential moving is slow because it depends upon the residents how they want to move their belongings and how much time do they need for this purpose. Most people do not complete this project in a single day.

●     Simplicity

When we talk about the simplicity of one of these moving services, residential moving is an easy task as compared to commercial moving projects. In residential moving, you just have to pack all the items present in your rooms and you can go without any trouble. Plus, it is not difficult to move heavy furniture.

But when it comes to commercial moving, you need to plan a lot of things. It is because there is large machinery, IT equipment, office furniture, desks and many other items that you need to transport.


There are many differences between commercial and residential moving services. But the purpose of both services is to move your belongings from one building to another or one location to another. You should hire a professional company to get your work done efficiently.