Some Tips About How to Clean Your Feline Family Member’s Ears!

Ear cleaning may not be a mandatory chore for cat parents. Many cats may be wonderful without ear cleaning because they clean their own or they don’t build up gunk in them. However, those cats that experience greasy ears or an ear wax buildup or are prone to ear infections/wounds or ear mite infections may need their ears cleaned up to maintain good hygiene and health.

The inherent structure of your kitty’s ear canal will make it an arduous task for you to scoop out the material trapped deep inside the horizontal canal. The accumulated material may cause itching and infections in your pet kitty, so seek your vet’s assistance to prevent uncalled for ear issues. Pet insurance for cats helps you with much of the check-up and treatment bills. Buy pet health insurance to support your pet with top-quality medical care at all times.

Apart from having this medical backup, you need to know how to care for your kitty suffering from an ear disorder. First, your fur baby’s ears must be cleaned before you medicate them. In worse cases, your vet may ask you to medicate her ears for a few days to alleviate the pain before attempting to clean them. If the condition is mild, she may be more likely to tolerate the cleaning procedure.

It would be best if you learnt the ear cleaning procedure under your vet’s supervision so you can seek clarification regarding any procedural doubts right there in your vet’s facility. But, for now, we have a few tips for feline owners like you that help simplify the process of ear cleaning.

Follow these tips for hassle-free cat ear cleaning!

1.      Gather the necessary cat supplies on the counter before you begin so your kitty doesn’t slip away while setting things to get started. To reduce interruptions, have all you need ready then bring your furry friend to the spot for cleaning.

2.      If your kitty is a run-away type or bringing the claws up kind, then keep her steady by taking the help of anyone from the household or a friend. Wrap a soft bath towel around her body, so she does not wiggle away through the session. This towel even helps absorb any dribbling cleaning liquid.

3.      Don’t continue cleaning if your kitty shows signs of aggression, like drawing her claws up or is ready to bite. Instead, take some time out and try again later. If this persists, ask your vet about how to handle her.

4.      Don’t pull your kitty’s ear flaps too hard; they are too sensitive. Any mishandling may annoy your kitty.

5.      Don’t push your fingers or cotton ball deep down into the ear canal. It might damage the delicate lining or irritate it due to the added pressure. Such acts are more likely to induce pain in your kitty’s ears.

6.      Strictly don’t pull out or up on your fur baby’s ear as it may straighten the ear canal and make it easier for you to go deep down. The right way to do this is to position the ear flap on top of the head to sustain an angular balance in the ear canal.

7.      Firmly but gently grasp some loose neck skin between your fingers as you steady her ear so you have more control over your kitty. In addition, it ensures she doesn’t run away in the middle of the cleaning process.

8.      If your fur baby nurses a sore ear as you clean her ears or administer cleaning liquid, then there is a possibility of her suffering from a broken eardrum. The medication may flow into the middle ear in such a condition, making your kitty feel tremendously uncomfortable. It may even prove damaging to your kitty’s ears.

9.      Some feline pets may be hypersensitive or allergic to certain medicinal constituents, so you may need to ask your vet to swap medication. Other pet cats can have deep ulcers on the ear canal lining, and the poured liquid medication may sting as it comes in contact with the exposed surface.

If you spot your kitty’s ears being red, inflamed, and painful, you probably need to seek your vet’s advice before cleaning. You can claim much of the vet visit costs, medicines, diagnosis, and treatment bills with pet insurance for cats. So purchase a pet health insurance policy to help your needy kitty in distressing times without bringing in much financial burden on yourself.

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