Accessories Items That Are A Must-Have For Your Fireplace

A working fireplace would be incomplete without these fireplace accessories. These are essential components for every fireplace, whether it’s a coal, wood, or gas fireplace, an open fire, or a closed burner.

If you’re using pallet or wood-burning stoves, coal, or wood open flames to heat your house, these are some of the greatest accessories to have to round out your fireplace. Our checklist covers a wide range of topics related to maintaining a fireplace safe and clean.

Top 5 Must Accessories For Your Fireplace

The accessories you’ll need for your fireplace are divided into five categories. Depending on your fireplace, you may or may not require all of them. These are their names:

1. Maintaining A Fireplace

To get the fire going, get a firelighter cube or kindling wood, some newspaper, and a fireplace bellows. However, there are faster and better ways to light a fire in a fireplace. Wool flame starters, flame sticks, and pine cones are all environmentally acceptable ways to ignite wood or coal burners, fire pits, and fire settings.

They are not only environmentally friendly but also odorless and safe. Use these too quickly and simply ignite a fire in your fireplace. Using grouped flame sticks is an even more ingenious approach to creating a fire. A set of 5 or 6 placed in a teepee shape can get you lighted in no time, with each capable of burning for up to 10 minutes.

You’ll need fireplace equipment, whether for logs or coal, to keep the fire running. These will need to be pretty large and lengthy in order to keep you safe from the heat and sparks. Of course, it must also look good. An Electric fireplace or fireside toolset must come with a stand with holders.

This is where you store your brush, shovel, tongs, and fireplace poker while not in use. Before you purchase one, you must choose a finish and style that complements your fireplace and personal preferences. There is one for every fireplace, from wrought iron silver to bronze to matte black, with intricate to minimalist designs.

2. Fuel Storage: Log basket, Coal Scuttle, And Other Accessories

Whether it’s logwood, pallets, or coal, store them in stylishly. Carry and store your fuel in a scuttle, basket, metal rack, or metal tray near the fireplace for convenient access. Because it will be sitting near the fire, it will become a part of your home décor, so selecting the perfect design for your fireplace and house is critical. Coal hods, buckets, and scuttles are ideal for transporting pellet coal and ash. Handles strategically positioned allow you to conveniently carry, pour, and clear the ash.

3. Fireplace Safety And Security

It’s better to be safe than sorry. It goes without saying that while dealing with fire, you must use extreme caution. Fire-resistant gloves, fireguards, screens, and even extra-long safety matches can assist. If you have children or dogs at home, you should think about installing a fireplace fence or a baby safety gate.

Even if you don’t use the fireplace often, you should add safety bumpers to protect the sharp corners and edges of the hearth. Toddlers will be protected from accidental bumps and cuts with these soft pre-taped foam bumpers.

4. Mantel Surround, Hearth, And Back Panel For Fireplace

There are several mantelpieces and fire surrounds to select from if you want to improve the aesthetic of your fireplace, whether it is gas, wood-burning, or coal burning. You will be spoiled for choice, with options ranging from genuine oak wood to limestone, granite, marble, or stainless steel. If you’re not the daring kind, go for a reclaimed wood floating shelf over the fireplace for a rustic solid wood effect.

Some manufacturers provide a separate marble or granite hearth and back panel set from the fireplace surround. Marbles, granites, and limestones are renowned to survive the test of time and provide a sense of elegance and luxury. When the fireplace mantel surround or stove fireplace and the marble or granite set are combined, the fireplace is complete. The proper combination will make an excellent center point in any living area and form a stunning set.

5. Cleaning Of Fireplaces

Cleaning may be the last thing on your mind when you have a functional fireplace, but it is necessary to keep your fireplace in good operating order. To make cleaning simpler, use a fireplace cleaning log, fireplace cleaner solution, a chimney sweep kit, or a combination of these. Consider purchasing an ash vacuum if you have more than one fireplace and want to clean it on a regular basis.


The chimney cleaning brush tool, also known as chimney whip, has flexible interconnecting rods that allow you to clean all the way up the chimney. It may be utilized freely or in conjunction with a control penetrate for a more careful clearing movement. This removes soot buildup in fireplace flues and chimneys, reducing the risk of flue fires.