How Online Product Designer Tool Will Help Your Business

Running a business is not a cakewalk. One has to constantly fight to increase efficiency and simplify the processes. Gone are those days when customers used to buy whatever that was available. Nowadays, they want things to be done in their way. So you have to constantly level up your business.

Customization could be the way to elevate your business. Today, the online product designer tool made it possible for the customers to design, edit, and order all by themselves. 

Here are a few benefits of how the tool can help you enhance your business.

Benefits of Product Designer Tool 

Gives Power to Your Customers 

An E-commerce store leveraging the online product designer tool ensures more freedom for their customers. Once you integrate the tool, it will help anyone design, customize and personalize products as per their requirements. Customers can customize anything they want like shoes, t-shirt, shirts, mugs, masks, phone cases, and many more. They can add colors, clipart, images, personal images, name, number, effects & filters, and more. 

Before the arrival of product designer software, buyers had to browse through the only the limited range of products that sellers had for them. So the software has altered the outlook of the shopping and customers by letting them design their own product.

Increase Your Loyal Customers

The major benefit of offering freedom to your customers is that they will become your loyal customers. After all, who knows better than the customer what they need? So offering customization is a clever way to gain loyal customers. As every customer has unique needs, and you are fulfilling them. 

When you understand different types of customers, it becomes clear how each of their needs differ. But with the tool, you don’t need to chase each customer. By serving to their needs specifically, you can satisfy the customer’s needs, thus driving customer retention.

Requires Small Investment 

The rising popularity of such software for product designing has led the store owners to get rid of maintaining a huge stock. There will be no need to invest heavily in stocking items to meet the expectations of customers.

Online store owners can empower their customers to design their products rather than shopping in the brick and mortar stores.

For instance, you can stockpile a bunch of plain t-shirts and use the product design tool to print different designs, quotes, and cartoons on them. You will get a return on investment quickly. Isn’t it amazing? You make a small investment and get a mass profit.

Give a Boost to Your Sales and Profit

As per the report of Harvard Business Review, when the customer has the freedom to customize, they buy more and probably recommends to their friends. So this is a clear-cut opportunity to increase sales by offering the customized product.

Additionally, customers are ready to pay 20% more for the personalized product as per the report by Deloitte. Customization not only increases sales but also helps to keep the customers satisfied as they are ready to pay more for the product. 

Summing up all this, less investment, more sales, premium charges, you can get more profit coming into your pocket. 

Custom Build Product Designer Tool

After reading the above benefits, are you fascinated to offer the customization service? If yes, you are on the right way to increase your business. There are many tools available in the market based on the technology with which you can offer the customization services like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and more.

But don’t stress out more about the technology, you can also get the custom product designer tool. Basically, this tool will be according to your needs. You can decide the feature in the custom product designer tool and can even opt-out some. If you want the custom designer tool, then you should have these must have features of the product design tool. 

  • User-friendly interface and allows personalization like adding text, clipart, QR codes, and shapes
  • Live pricing calculation based on the printing method and each element added
  • Save design and sharing options 
  • Useful tools and layer panel with additional features like a flip, lock, and more 
  • Pre-loaded clipart, fonts, design, and product template 
  • Responsive with all browsers, devices, platforms
  • Supports image upload of all formats 
  • Account creation feature


Looking at the above benefits, it is evident that offering the customized services will bring you a lot of sales and profit to your business. But there are a lot of tools available in the market, but they may not be worth the money. Therefore, you should invest in the tool which has the basic feature to operate. If you are thinking of providing customized services, it is high time to start offering them.