According to the Bureau of Statistics, home upgrades and remodelling are in full effect in Australia, with over 80 per cent of urban Australians renovating or remodelling their homes each year. It is simple for individuals to get the most up-to-date interior decor in style. Interior design is also becoming more popular on social media, with several influencers and businesses sharing their most recent interior design work. Many flooring alternatives are available today, including wooden flooring, tiled flooring, and laminate flooring in Sydney, NSW, and other regions of Australia. Flooring is the most critical component of interior design since it unites the aesthetic concept of the space. People can easily integrate any design motif into their house and select flooring that is both current and fashionable, thanks to the plethora of flooring alternatives that are available today.


The number of flooring design alternatives is almost limitless. However, they often fall into one of the following groups.

  • Timber

Timber or wooden flooring is possibly the oldest form of flooring available, and it continues to be a popular choice for interior design. There are many different types of wooden flooring, and the main differences between them are the colour and texture.

  • Tiling

Tiled flooring is a term that refers to floors that are made out of tiles. These tiles are available in various materials, including granite, marble, glass and ceramic. They are also available in multiple forms, colours, and sizes, providing you with the most incredible amount of creative flexibility.

  • Concrete

Concrete floors are becoming more popular, even though they were formerly considered to be the default choice. There are many different kinds of concrete flooring, ranging from bare concrete to aggregate concrete. People may also apply a coating of epoxy glue to their projects to give them a splash of colour. This kind of flooring is the most straightforward to maintain, and it is the common choice for commercial settings.

  • Flooring made of laminate

Laminate flooring is the newest innovation in the interior design business, and it is renowned for its ease of maintenance and wide selection of options. The top layer of the flooring is a printed vinyl laminate, with additional layers underneath it to provide structural support. Many designs may be printed on these laminates, including timber plank patterns and tile patterns. Laminate flooring is a cost-effective alternative to most other flooring solutions since it can replicate the same impression as printed flooring.


Moroccan Tiles are known for their detailed and vibrant designs on the tiles, which are sometimes juxtaposed together to produce a continuous structure. They are available in various forms and sizes to accommodate a variety of areas and design concepts.

Granite is a dark colour

Granite flooring is a premium choice that many people prefer to decorate their houses to make them feel more affluent. Traditionally, brighter colours were selected, but now people are becoming receptive to the idea of darker flooring designs. Grout with rich, dark colours that contrast with opposing veining improves the scholarly atmosphere, bringing grandeur into the room.

Laminates made of wood

Wooden flooring is challenging to maintain since it cannot endure most weather conditions and degrade when exposed to water. Laminates may assist in resolving this issue since they allow individuals to print the hardwood planks directly onto the laminate sheet. The design on the sheet has the appearance and feel of wood, yet it is waterproof and resistant to harm. Aside from that, laminates are pretty simple to install and maintain.

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Bamboo Flooring

It is a kind of flooring made of bamboo and is similar to wood flooring provides a sleek and contemporary look. Bamboo flooring is available in a variety of styles and is less challenging to maintain than hardwood floors.

The weather in Australia is often humid throughout the year, which may cause harm to both the interior and exterior design. People should keep this in mind when selecting flooring solutions since the humidity can degrade their floors swiftly. Additionally, persons who live near beaches should consider the amount of salt in the air they breathe. Designers who choose laminate flooring in Sydney or tile flooring in New South Wales may guarantee that their floors will survive for a more extended period. Thanks to the wide variety of flooring alternatives available today, people can easily choose a durable flooring solution that suits their needs and preferences.