Why Should You Replace Your Car Battery Before It Expires?

The one important thing your vehicle just cannot do without is a good quality and working battery. There can be nothing worse than spotting yourself behind the wheel, simply getting late and trying to start the motor, only to find out your battery has collapsed.  You know, for any driver, nothing is there that compares to the perks of replacing the car battery before it actually gives up. You must consider timely Car Battery Replacement by Midas Tyre & Auto Service to ensure your car does not give up on you because of a battery failure.

However, many of you wait until it’s extremely late, not understanding there are multiple factors that actually come into play to shorten the life of your car battery.

How long does the car battery stay fit?

On the basis of what shape your charging system is in, where you actually live, and what your precise driving habits are, the normal average lifespan of a battery is nearly four years under perfect type of conditions.

In case you stay in warmer climates, you are going to require having your battery checked and even possibly replaced earlier. However, in case you live in a much colder climate, the car battery might actually last as long as five years. However, you should get it checked at the three to even four year mark.

Factors That influence The Life Of your car battery 

Apart from extreme regional temperatures, there are numerous other factors that might reduce the normal life of your car battery. These can include:

  • Recurrent brief car trips or even not driving for long periods
  • Many accessories plugged in like: MP3 player, GPS receiver, DVD player, satellite stereo system, laptop, game system and even charging phone
  • Vibration from uneven or damaged roads

Remember how you actually handle and use your car influences the overall life of your battery. In case you only use it for short trips, twenty minutes or even less in duration, the battery could never reach full charge. This might end up in damage to the battery and even wear it out swiftly. Not driving the car for lengthy periods continues to discharge the battery. Such are the types of damage that are at times challenging to identify on routine tests. So make sure you are confident to mention your driving habits once you take your vehicle to the repair experts for the battery checking.

A gone battery is always the most visible clue, there could even be less obvious signs it’s time to replace the battery of your vehicle. Keep a check on the following things:

  • Car is not getting driven for long durations of time
  • Build-up around the vehicle battery’s terminals
  • Check engine light at times indicates weak battery power
  • Age of the car battery is more than three or four years
  • Car gets used for brief trips
  • Obvious stains or corrosion on the battery that might designate you have a leak
  • Taking longer than normal to start the engine
  • Fluid level appears low
  • Swollen battery case
  • Foul smells around the battery

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So, you need to be prudent about your car battery or you might regret later on.