What to Consider When Buying an Octavia Ambition

Octavia Ambition is a good car that’s stylish, comfortable, and perfect for long journeys. It also has fast acceleration and can cover up to 100km/h in just ten seconds! 

These amazing features and many others are what will make you consider an Octavia Ambition for sale. But how well-informed are you about the vehicle?  There’s the need for you to know its specifications, safety rating, and other pros that makes it a worthy purchase. 

This article seeks to explore everything you need to know before buying the eye-catching Skoda Octavia Ambition for sale.

Octavia Ambition Specs

Nearly all drivers prioritize comfort while driving and that’s exactly what Skoda Octavia Ambition offers.

Just like Kamiq Ambition for sale, this vehicle has a plush interior upholstery, soft suspensions, and all the pleasant experience you might need when driving. 

If you find an Octavia Ambition for Sale, don’t hesitate to grab one as the vehicle has these amazing specs:

  • Engine: A turbocharged petrol engine
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Seat capacity: 5
  • City mileage: 11.0 km
  • Type of transmission: Automatic
  • Boot litres: 600L
  • Tank capacity: 50
  • Torque: 280Nm @ 1500 – 3500rpm
  • Weight: 1275kg
  • Dimension: 4469mm x 1814mm x 1461mm (L x W x H)

If you’ve been looking for a family car that can withstand long trips and any landscape, the Octavia Ambition is a perfect fit seeing as it has an easy drive system that makes driving easy in any condition. 

Things to Consider When buying an Octavia Ambition

The following are some vital considerations to make when buying an Octavia Ambition:


An important factor to consider when buying anything is the price and your budget. Octavia Ambition for sale doesn’t come at a cheap price but it’s worth the money. 

Skoda cars like Skoda Karoq Sportline for sale and others come at a fairly good price; however, they have a good resale value in case you’d like to auction them later. 

Generally, the price of Octavia Ambition in Australia starts from $25,000, but this varies from model to model and the car’s manufacturing year. 

Safety Rating

The safety rating is another important factor to consider. Skoda cars usually have an impressive safety rating, and the Octavia Ambition isn’t an exception. 

The vehicle comes with an electronic stability program, eight airbags, an electronic differential lock and an ABS brake. It also has a rear parking sensor and a reversing camera all to make sure you and your family are safe while driving. 

In 2013, the Octavia Ambition got a five-star rating from ANCAP making it one of the safest cars in the market. 


If you fancy having a premium design car, then go for a Skoda Octavia Ambition. 

The vehicle has a well polished and superb design. It features smoked swept-back headlamps, LED tail lights, a reversing camera and electronic folding mirrors. The latest models have a new front grille, a 9.2 inch Columbus navigation and chrome detailing. 

Fuel Economy

If you’re looking for a vehicle that consumes little fuel, consider the Octavia Ambition. Fuel economy is one of the most impressive things about this vehicle. It consumes only six liters per 100km. This means you won’t have to spend many dollars on petrol. 

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The Octavia Ambition for sale has all the greatest features you need to have a great driving experience. Considering the above factors will make choosing the right Octavia easier for you. 

You can easily find this vehicle at most car dealerships, but it’s advisable to buy from a Skoda authorized dealer. Also, make sure you check the car thoroughly before buying it.