Get All of Your Thrills With These Car Games

If you’re part of the population that loves both cars and video games, then you have to check out They have hundreds of awesome games that feature all kinds of cars and action. Each game is unique with its own presentation, but they are all a ton of fun.

The best part is, all of their games are neatly organized into different categories. What follows is a small sampling of games from some of the most popular games in the Car Games category. Please take a look at these and if any strike your fancy, then go ahead and give them a try!


The following Car Games are all about getting down and dirty off of the cozy paved streets we all know and love. If you like big tires, loud engines, and lots of dirt, these offroading games should be right up your alley.

First up in Xtreme Offroad Car Racing 4×4. This game is presented as an offroad racing game where you’ll kick up dirt and shoot for that coveted first place. This game is great if you’re looking for a decent challenge with satisfying gameplay.

4X4 Offroader is also an offroading game, but this one flips the script. Instead of a dirt-covered racing game, this one is a mud-splattered simulator game where you can pilot different vehicles on a large open map full of things to do.

Destruction Derby

If you told someone that you don’t like to see cars crashing into each other, then you’re either boring or a liar. These next games feed that secret desire within us by portraying awesome destruction derby contests.

For a cartoony twist on these events, you can check out In this game, the goal is to push opponents off of the stage so you can gain their power. With each car you push off, your own vehicle will grow in both power and size, until they are comically huge.

Derby Crash 4 is another destruction derby game. This one drops you into a huge map with several other cars and allows you to switch between them. There are no objectives here other than to just smash up all the cars however you like.


There’s nothing more fun than playing a game with your friends, and these games know that. If you want to hop into some crazy online multiplayer, then these next few games are perfect for you.

First, we have Unbounded. If you ever played any of the Midnight Club games, you’ll be familiar with the aesthetic and overall gameplay of this one. An open city map, great graphics, and good friends are what this game is all about. Get into some trouble in the big city with your accomplices.

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Paco Stunt Cars is a game all about big stunts and great graphics. Pick your car, call up your friends, and drive around an open map full of stunt opportunities. Challenge your friends, race them, or smash into each other and goof off. 

These are just a few of the games you could play in the Car Games category of If you found these fun, there are a bunch more games to play! We recommend the Motorcycle Games and Monster Truck Games categories.