How to Repurpose Old Stone for Your Home

After the remodeling of your home, you are left with some old stones from the area of the remodel. These can present some bit of challenge as finding the right place to use them requires creativity. How you repurpose these stones can be for décor or covering up some areas. Regardless of how you wish you use them, you can use them in several places. If you have never thought of the idea of how you can use them, there are a few that you will find when you read ahead. These are some of the best ways to repurpose old stone for your home.

Flowerbed Edging

Your flowerbed needs an edging if it looks in shape, and you can use the old stones to create the edges. When you have rocks of the same size, you can dig them into the ground and create a uniform edge. Once you lay the pieces together, they will also act as great décor. If the stones aren’t the same size, you want to throw them around in a straight line for that creative feel. When done this way, it will give the flowerbed a more natural look.

Decorate Garden Walk

You don’t want people walking in your garden and stepping all over your plants. That’s why you need to have a garden walk, and it can be shaped with the help of old stones. The stones will lay down the path that anyone who comes into the garden needs to be used. You can throw the rocks around in a line, and they don’t even need to be uniformed for that natural look.

Rock Riverbed

You want the stones to perform various tasks when you have them in the garden. For example, if you have pebbles, you can throw them around to create a riverbed in your garden. In addition, they will help water drainage – it isn’t all about the looks alone here. But you need to have plenty of them if they are to work a treat in your garden – a bucket full.


You can also use the old stones for sitting around the yard. If you are creative enough and have big rocks, you can partake in some stone restoration, and use them all across the garden for seating. Or you can even go as far as creating rock stools if you have the time for it.


You can also use the stones as part of an art project for your kids. One of the best ideas is to paint the rocks and arrange them in decorative measure around your garden. The décor can be as playful as the kids want them to be and with the colors of their choice. For example, if you have a flower garden, try to guide the kids on creative ways to blend the colors with the flowers. This will make for a fun family project.

Don’t Throw Them Away

Old stones don’t need to be thrown away as they have various uses around the house. These are some of the best ideas you can use when you have old stones around your home.