From young students to office-going middlemen, everyone nowadays chooses to stay in a hostel to save money. But it is mandatory to select a hostel that can give you a home-like feeling. If you do not check the details of the hostel before you decide to stay there, then you may land in trouble in the future. There are several hostel in pune

If you are looking for some tips which can help you in selecting a hostel, then you can go through the following points.

How to select the best hostel for accommodation?

Consider the location: If you decide to stay in a hostel to continue your academic life, you must look for a hostel that is close to your institute. Apart from academic life, you may need to move to a different city for your professional life. In that case, you need to pick a hostel that is close to your office. When you have decided to step out of your house to carry on your life smoothly, there is no point in staying in a hostel that is far away from your destination. Why should you have to pay excessive travel expenses even if you stay in a hostel? It is beneficial to stay in a hostel that is located in an area from where you can easily access the necessary things like shopping malls, banks, transport and many more.

Look for Wi-Fi: In recent times, every piece of work is supposed to be done over the online medium. From online classes to online shopping, a fast internet connection is required at every stage. Imagine a situation when you are staying in a hostel and you are accessing an online class from your mobile data and suddenly your data finishes. What will you do if your hostel does not provide you with the facility of free Wi-Fi in that situation? At home, you can easily reconnect the Wi-Fi, but what will you do in the hostel? As a result, it is highly recommended that you choose a hostel that offers free internet access. You do not have trouble finding such kinds of hostels because, nowadays, most hostels offer free access to Wi-Fi for the people who are staying in the hostel.

Meal style: Imagine a situation where after a hectic day, when you come back to the hostel room, you need to put your belongings away and again have to move out to another destination to have your meal. Isn’t it a hectic situation? Yes, it is. Since, after a hectic schedule, everyone wants to have food in their own place. Hence, before picking the hostel, it is very essential to check its canteen facility. The facility of a canteen is now available 24 hours a day in most of the hostels. But now the question arises: how many times a day will the canteen provide you with a meal? It is mandatory to check whether the canteen will provide you with two meals a day or four meals a day. You might wonder what the difference is between the meals served in the canteen and those you get from any place outside the hostel. The meals that are provided in the canteen of the hostel are often cheaper in comparison to the packages of the food that are sold outside. You should avoid staying in a hostel that does not provide you with a canteen facility or a kitchen facility because there is no point in spending unnecessary money on purchasing expensive food every day.

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Hostels for girls: If you prefer to stay with other girls rather than alone, you can choose to stay in hostels that offer the option of staying with other girls. You don’t have to look hard to find these types of hostels because there are now several hostels where only females are permitted to stay. If for some reason you need to shift and stay in Pune, then you can search for the best girls hostel in pune

Search for lockers: Your security must be your priority. Suppose you are staying in a hostel that does not guarantee the security of your belongings, then you will always have tension when you leave the hostel for some purpose. To avoid such things, it is beneficial that you select a hostel that can provide you with lockers where you can keep your belongings and move out without any worry. It is important to note that you need to check whether the locker is present in your room or whether it is present in the community room, where the locker is divided into different sections which can be accessed by other people. Having a locker in your room is the best way to keep your belongings safe and secure.


Several hostels have a terrace, a garden, and many other entertainment facilities so that every person staying in a hostel can enjoy their leisure time after they come back to the hostel. If you choose to stay in a hostel that does not have good premises or does not provide any good facilities, then you will feel suffocated at the end of the day. Cleanliness should be the priority; therefore, before booking any hostel, you must examine the hygiene of the hostel.