iPhone 12 has a Ultra Slim & Robust Display with Next Gen A14 Bionic CPU

The new Apple Smartphone iphone12 is the higher-rated Smartphone according to CNET. This Apple phone has a very powerful A14 bionic processor with a dual rearview camera and MagSafe feature which allows the iPhone12 accessories to be attached magnetically. Range to reflect that this time Apple is trying to upgrade the durability of their phones. There is a revelation of one of their patents to strengthen the screen game of the iPhone. The screen of iphone14 is covered with a ceramic shield that will increase the screen durability more than ever.

There is a patent which is filed by Apple segregating a glass screen that would fit between frame and glass screen on iPhone. According to this patent, it can provide more safety from bumps and other outer threats while keeping the display screen thin and light of the iPhone. This means future iPhone screens are going to be slimmer than before and we are going to receive thinner devices. This patent also explains that the new structure can be merged with the glass screen for a more seamless designed frame. But according to the patent, it’s is possible that we are not going to get these new screened iPhones in near future .iphone 13 will be going to launch with the same old screen-specific but yes maybe in the next iphone14 we can expect for the thinner and strong screens in smartphones. This is not sure until now that we may or we may not receive that new type of glass screens in the next iPhones but yes it is noticeable that Apple is looking for more advanced options for their future generation of iPhones.

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