2 Easy Ways to Allot Extra RAM for Minecraft

In today’s market there are lots of high tech games available which require more RAM due to high graphics. Video games are everyone’s favorite which brings a revolution to this field. In old times we used to play 2D games which required less Ram but as year by year the graphics quality has increased which provides these video games a more realistic approach. But nowadays there are 3D games available which have very high graphic content and require more and more RAM than before. These 3D games can be played on desktop or Smartphone. There is a game Minecraft which is quite famous nowadays around everyone and even after low graphics it requires more than 2GB RAM. If your phone does not have enough RAM then you can’t play this game. It can hang your device continuously and you can become irritated.

But if your phone or system doesn’t have enough RAM then you won’t ever be able to play Minecraft ever. In that case you need to secure more RAM for your game in order to run that properly. If you are looking for the solution of the continuous legging of your game then you are in the exact right place to learn about it. In order to allocate extra Ram for Minecraft there are multiple options available. But today we are going to discuss two main sets of instructions.

Two Ways for the Uninterrupted Run of Minecraft

Solution 1: Using the MiceCraft Profile Settings

  • You can play Minecraft on your device by securing extra RAM for your game launcher.
  • First open the start menu on your PC and go to settings to check the RAM provided.
  • Press System and find the section in your device settings. You can look for device specifications where the total RAM is written.
  • Next, you can start your Minecraft game by clicking the game launcher option.
  • Now select the profile where you want to make changes and please confirm JVM arguments should remain on.
  • In the JVM arguments you should change from -Xmx1G to -Xmx#G where you can choose the amount of Ram you want to allot in your Minecraft.
  • Now you can save these changes and your Ram will be increased.

Note: Don’t change any other text in JVM arguments.

Solution 2: Using Minecraft Directory

  • This is the other option you can go for to increase Ram for Minecraft.
  • As before go to settings to check the available Ram on your device.
  • Now search for “Minecraft _server” on your device to open the server directory of Minecraft.
  • Find its location in the directory and write a new text document in the same directory.
  • Now paste “Java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe-o truePAUSE”.
  • Next select file and choose “Save As” and you can change the file extension to “.bat” from “.txt”.
  • This new file is the new launcher for your Minecraft server.
  • Try to Run this new launcher and it will take required RAM and you can play your game smoothly.

I hope you understood both ways to get extra RAM for your Minecraft.