Disadvantages of VPN

VPN is the virtual private network that provides you security and privacy from cyber threats. Internet browsing on a non-secured WIFI server can be very dangerous because it could disclose a person’s identity and interest. So if you are looking for an option that gives you online privacy and keeps you safe then a virtual private network is your solution. A good VPN is a must for everyone who is concerned and wants to have a safe internet experience. But, there are few disadvantages of using a VPN. Here we will explain the top disadvantages of VPN.

Whenever you use a shared WIFI in a public place like coffee shops or hostel there is a threat to your privacy. Whatever data files you shared with anyone while being online on public WIFI could be exposed by anyone.

VPN can hide your identity and can save you from all unwanted cyberpunk or cyberbullies. Now you can understand why we all need a good virtual private network for our server.

How VPN works

A VPN creates a virtual secure tunnel that routes your all data information from this secure tunnel which not only hides your IP address but also lets you access all the blocked content from anywhere.

Main disadvantages of using a VPN 

Slowing down the server

The main downside of using a VPN is that it can slow down your server while encrypting your data. Nowadays very powerful and efficient VPNs are also available to overcome this issue.

Not fully secured 

Some of the VPN are not fully functional like they lack to secure your collection of data and work as cybercriminals which can cause more damage to your privacy. These can save our digital footprints which can be a big threat to our social and financial safety while using the internet.

Main advantages of using a VPN

Security of server

Wonder one day a stranger is peeping through your window and you find him keeping track of your private life. In the cyber world, we are all surrounded by the same danger which can be covered by using a VPN connection. These virtual private network connections can save you from unwanted online risk.

Encryption of data 

A good VPN secures your online connection and encrypt your private data. Your internet provider or shopping websites can steal your interest information and can target you for their own benefits which can be stopped by using a VPN.

Hide your IP address 

It can be really helpful while visiting other countries when you want to access or watch something which is not available in that present location. You can use VPN to hide your IP address and let you choose a different server from the location from where you want to access the data. Sometimes some websites or shows are banned in your server area which you can watch with the VPN from a different location server address. You can also avoid extra charges which are applicable for your area by choosing a different IP address.

Making gaming a better experience 

A VPN connection can make your gaming time so much better. You can get rid of DDoS Attacks and go through restricted IPs.