Get the chic patio mats for decorating your indoor/outdoor spaces!

When you are ready with your campervan to hit the road and searching for something that soothes your feet during extreme weather conditions, portable outdoor runners are the smart choice. When you step out of your RVs, you need something comfortable that levels the prickly grass or swampy muddy terrains. What could be better than an easy-to-spread surface that covers the walking space for your outdoor and indoor areas?

The naturally modified wooden planks are ideal for eco-friendly surfacing. You don’t want to carry heavy rugs that require huge maintenance and buy chemical-coated floorings that are harsh for children’s feet. Let’s explore one option that caters to all the positive features: Roll floor patio mats.

Magic of thermo-treatment on wood

The modifications that a wooden piece undergoes are huge and irreversible. So, every wooden plank cut into a specific standard length (customer sizes are welcome), and then the process of thermos-modification starts. The molecular level of the wood alters, thus making it a more durable and stable option over untreated woods. 

The process burns the poly-sugars and turns the planks into water repellents. It protects the wood from decay and rotting in extreme weather conditions. It turns lumbar into very identical original wood that is 350 years old. You can ensure this by having a closer look at the wood through a microscope. 

Thermo-modified wood becomes durable and is the reason you can use the roll floor mats for 25 years without any significant damage. Since the moisture of the natural wood reduces substantially, it decreases the shrinking and swelling possibilities of wood. The process of thermos-treatment is 100% green, and zero chemicals are involved. So, you don’t have to worry about using it on bare feet or when around with children.

Features of Thermo-treated wooden mats

  • 100% green treatment on wood
  • Easy and comfortable to carry, pack and unpack
  • Simple to use, lightweight, and portable
  • Highly durable and decay free
  • Anti-slip floorings
  • Special backing material in rubber 
  • Perfect for permanent and temporary floorings
  • Fits in a carry bag and comes with a flyer with all product details
  • Compact design as it rolls back and fits in a car trunk or under the bed
  • The perfect wood finish and zero maintenance
  • Comes with a special UV oil coating for extra protection
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years against rotting and decay

Roll floor package specifications

Each roll mat size is ½ inch x 32-inch x 42-inch

Covers approximately 9.5 square feet of area

8 wooden planks make one runner mat

Each plank staples to another with an EPDM rubber strip

The staples are stainless steel which makes it rust free

Each plank size is 7/16-inch x 5-inch x 32-inch

One box of the product contains – 1 roll floor mat, 1 fabric bag, and 1 flyer

Size of the packaging is 32.5-inch x 6-inch x 6-inch

Weight of the packaging is 14 pounds

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The conclusion

You may find many other runners and rugs as alternatives to this wonderful product. However, the roll floorings are one of the finest eco-friendly and durable surfacing solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces.