Value of Books & Ways Its Education Can Help

This title can seem different but as we all know that books are the best buddy of humans, its knowledge is also not reserved for particular races. In fact, the knowledge in the books can change the whole personality of the human magically. Hence let’s understand the value of the books and the ways its education can help the people to change and improve. No one can deny the role of books as best friends in a human’s life. Once a scholar said that books and knowledge in them is the best friend of humans who can go along with him or her anywhere. Books usually take us into a completely new world and no one wants to come back from that awesome world of imagination and creativity. Books are such companions which boost up our morale when we are broken from inside. Books are catalysts which awaken the reader from their sleep of carelessness and expand the level of understanding with the help of knowledge and information. Even tools like the school management system and learning management system of modern education support & appreciate the role of books in kid’s learning.

Most amazing thing about books is that they broaden our thinking power with the help of concepts in them and enhance our vocabulary level which is the basis of impressive communication. People still love reading books and a vast number of libraries in the world are evidence of it. We must have a habit of learning and reading, a habit of continuous reading brings an individual closer to moral values and ethics. Hence, whenever a reader wants to read, they must choose a good book. Wrong books can destroy good morals in a healthy mind and good books can change a whole personality by bringing knowledge and wisdom to an individual. Wrong and bad books inspire a person to commit bad works and destroy a healthy personality whereas good books inspire a person to do some good works which can be beneficial to humanity and society. It is just like tools such as the school management system and learning management system which always inspire school management to work for the best of students.

It has been a matter of debate that including books & education in the daily routine of people in prison can turn them into good human beings and they can also contribute to the progress of society instead of committing crimes. It is also a fact that people go to jail for the crime and offense they commit so they should not be kept away from fundamental rights like education. In many foreign countries this concept has been allowed decades ago. There prisoners not only get options to read but also, they complete their degrees and also, they are provided jobs seeing their good behaviour and positive change in their mentality. It is a fact that more than 50% of people who come to jail repeatedly, they are illiterate and far away from education and knowledge. Therefore, they aren’t aware of the fact that education and knowledge can give them a proper and respectful life. Education teaches us skills and abilities to earn with respect and hard work and through this hard work we earn respect from society but illiterate people opt robbing and stealing and begging for their livelihood because this seems easier to them in lack of education. So, here it becomes very clear that illiteracy is one of the major reasons for the growing rate of crimes. Now, if the common normal can earn and live a good lifestyle with the help of education then why can’t people, who are far away from literacy, lead a good life with help of education. Today education has reached every corner of the world.

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Many teenage boys and girls commit crime of theft or murder in very tender age like 14-16 then they are sent to juvenile home, there they live like a prisoner but they are taught skills of survival outside the jail, they are taught some technical skills so that they can earn after completion of their punishment. In the same way education and technical skills should be taught to people also in order to create a good human being in them also. It is often seen that religious teachings and educational sessions change many people and their sentences get reduced due to their good behaviour. This is the effect of education. Education from the books provides thoughts and knowledge which changes mentality and way of thinking towards anything. If an illiterate people thinkthat robbing is the easiest way of earning then education makes him understand that this hurts people and by proper education and knowledge from books he can also earn like normal people and can enjoy that earning happily without hurting anyone. This society will accept him and respect him also.