Tips to Choose Motorised Blinds for Your Home

Home automation has become increasingly popular recently. As a result, the options for a motorised blind have expanded. It’s a good window decoration that you can find in various shapes and sizes. However, even if you have made up your mind about this electric window decoration option, you’ll have to choose the right one. There are plenty of options in the market. You can find roller motorised blinds with stainless steel chains as ultrasonically sealed edges, standard, and an option of base bar shades and shapes. Such blinds are designed to align perfectly with contemporary or classic interiors. You must know how to choose this window decoration as only the right one will give you the maximum benefits. Here are some tips to make the right decision.

Look for a Complete Warranty. 

When trying to filter your options, always look for a product that has a complete warranty. There are some brands that only offer a limited warranty. This doesn’t include all the parts. There are others that offer a complete warranty but only for a limited time. Motorised shades are an investment in which you don’t engage lightly. So, always go for a brand that offers motorised blinds with a five-year warranty. A warranty of fewer than five years will only go on to suggest an absence of confidence in the product. Moreover, you can also request a sample of their blinds to determine their quality. You can also get free consultation services for the installation of blinds. 

Find Remote Options and Apps That Will Integrate with the Motor

The addition of motorised shades provides convenience. But to gain the most out of them, you must know the motors that will play well with the smartphone. Before buying the motors, ensure that your phone supports the app associated with your product. It will ensure that you can close the blinds even when not inside your home. You must also determine the remote options that will integrate with the motors. Some remotes function as a central place for many automated home features, while some control a single set of blinds. You must also ensure that the remote you choose comes with a comprehensive warranty.

Find Out the Level of Customer Support.

Poor customer service leaves a bad impression of the specific brand. On the other hand, you can efficiently solve your problems and get back to work with good customer service. Although you’ll not be required to engage with the customer service much regarding the blinds, you must still ensure that adequate support is there when you need it. To find the level of customer support, you can search for the reviews online. By going through the customer reviews, you’ll get an idea of what you can expect. 

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Know About the Noise Level of the Blinds

You might wonder if motorised shades are loud. The decibel range for the blind will differ according to the brand, the type of blind and the window treatment’s size. But mostly, electric blinds are built with volume in mind. As a result, they produce a soft hum or a whirring sound. Before you buy an electric blind, you’ll likely be able to see the chosen motor in action. At that time, focus on the sounds coming from the motor. It will allow you to know if you are comfortable with it.

Now you know the essential steps for purchasing good electric blinds. These pointers will help you invest in quality blinds that make your daily life more convenient.