Best Ethical Hacking Course Online free with Certificate

Free Ethical Hacking Online Courses are offered online through various e-learning sites. Completing some of the courses listed below will also get you a free certificate.

According to a survey published by International Data Corp, there is a global demand for approximately 60,000 information security professionals. The expected rise is about 77,000 in India alone in the next few years, with a worldwide increase of 188,000. As a result, understanding ethical hacking can be quite beneficial to your career.

The fact that you are reading this article indicates that you are interested in ethical hacking. Most of us know the subject or industry that would be useful if we started a career in that field. Still, the problem for most people is finding the right course or program that will help them master these skills and become professionals in the area. You might begin by taking one of the free ethical hacking courses available online.

In contrast to black hat hackers, who aim to exploit vulnerabilities for illicit purposes, the person performing this is regarded as a white-hat hacker since he assists enterprises in identifying their exposures and attempting to close them.

If you want to become a white-hat hacker and start a career in this industry, you should check out the free courses listed in this post. The majority of them are hands-on and demonstrate how to attack vulnerabilities with fundamental hacking tools.

1. CEH v11 – Certified Ethical Hacking Course – Simplilearn:

Simplilearn’s Certified Ethical Hacking course is for you if you wish to learn the advanced process. The lectures are organized online, helping you master advanced network packet analysis and system penetration testing techniques.

Additionally, it helps you build your network security skillset and safeguard your product from hackers. Simplilearn specially provides hands-on training to help master the techniques hackers use to penetrate your network system, and it eventually helps avoid the fortify of your system.

This ethical hacking training is in-line with the latest CEH v11, and it prepares you to improve your blue team skills.

2. Computer Hacking Fundamentals [FREE] – Udemy:

If you’re serious about studying how ethical hacking and other topics function before diving into practical training, you should check out this free online course. This course is less than two hours long and will teach you everything you need to know to get started on your adventure.

The ethical hacking online course will begin with an overview of security fundamentals, such as what constitutes a threat, different types of hackers, and risk assessment. Then we’ll look at malware and how hackers use it to infect computers, including various sorts of malware such as worms, trojans, and backdoors.

You will also see hackers exploiting any victim, acquiring information and essential documents.

Following that, you’ll learn how to defend yourself against attacks like networking defensive attacks and how to use network monitoring tools to identify unwanted access to your local network. Finally, you’ll examine some case studies that show how security breaches occur and how hackers might exploit them.

3. Penetration Testing in Vulnerabilities Discovery – edX course :

After acquiring the necessary information on the target, one of the most critical processes for hackers to follow is uncovering vulnerabilities. This course is best for intermediate students who wish to find and scan systems and websites for vulnerabilities and flaws.

This edX course explains the differences between penetration testing procedures such as data collecting, vulnerability assessment, actual exploit, and result reporting.

Then move on to reconnaissance and enumeration of information about the target system, followed by scanning those systems for opening ports and weaknesses with some tools, and lastly, creating a report with the detected vulns and their hazards, also known as risk assessment.

4. Edureka: Ethical Hacking Complete Course – Learn Ethical Hacking in 10 Hours

Edureka, a renowned online learning portal that delivers instructor-led online live classroom training, has released yet another thorough, free online course on Ethical Hacking.

This Edureka video on “Ethical Hacking Online Course” will teach you the fundamentals of ethical hacking and cyber security. You’ll learn about many types of cyber assaults and the ethical hacking techniques that can be used to prevent them.

5. Foundations of Android App Hacking and Pentesting [Free] – Udemy:

Android apps can also be infected with malicious code, allowing them to take advantage of your phone by recording your speech, monitoring your movements, and more. This course teaches you to select an Android app and identify potential flaws.

Start by installing the Android Studio application, which is used to create Android apps, and then learn how to decompile an app’s source code to begin forensics.

Then you’ll start looking into potential flaws like unsecured logins, insecure data storage, and so on. You will also learn to use Drozer, a vulnerability assessment tool for the Android platform.

6. An Introduction on Cyber Attacks – Coursera:

This Coursera course, developed in collaboration with NYU, is aimed to expose novices to the fundamentals of common cyber security challenges. It goes over risks like Trojans, worms, and network attacks to give you a good idea of what cyber security is all about.

The course is intended to be the initial step toward a career in cyber security, and it provides both accessibility and high-quality information. Allows children to be exposed to complicated concepts without becoming overwhelmed. Even students with a prior understanding of cyber security will learn something new because of the course’s thoroughness.

7. Ethical Hacking Training for Beginners – Complete Ethical Hacking Course – Youtube:

This Edureka YouTube tutorial provides a three-hour introduction to the ethical hacking field. It covers beginning from the history of hacking to recent vulnerability detection techniques. By the time you’re done, you’ll be prepared for more sophisticated ethical hacking techniques and well on your way to earning your CEH.

Edureka, the best reputation for online computer science education, created the course. The course is lengthy. The pace of the course is kept up. You will not be bored while waiting for the fun stuff to start. You’ll gain a lot of exposure to all of the main ethical hacking approaches, and you’ll be able to start deciding on a specialism.

8. Wireshark for Ethical Hacking and Threat Hunting [Free] – Udemy:

It is yet another fantastic free Udemy course on using Wireshark for Threat Hunting and Ethical Hacking. The process of proactively searching for cyber hazards hiding undiscovered in a network is known as threat hunting.

This free Ethical Hacking course will teach you how to use the Wireshark tool for threat hunting in an enterprise network. While there is much excellent information on hunting and how it may benefit you, the theory is not the same as practice.

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That concludes our list of ethical hacking online courses for free. Finally, becoming an ethical hacker requires more than simply completing an online course on a subject and calling yourself an ethical hacker. You must also practice, participate in forums and organizations, ask questions, and possibly pay someone to teach you more about this profession.