A Guide to Beach Wedding Attire with Special Reference to Straw Cowboy Hats

It is a dream for many young couples to tie the knot with the sparkling silvery sands under their feet. Destination beach weddings are a dream come true for many modern couples. However, there could be utter confusion among guests regarding the perfect beach wedding attire. You may wear cool, comfortable, or casual dressing instead of the conventional wedding dress codes like formal, semi-formal, or cocktail for the beach wedding. Attending a destination beach wedding may seem like enjoying a miniature vacation. According to Forbes, a destination wedding is a wonderful opportunity to combine a fun and memorable wedding ceremony with a fantastic honeymoon. If you get invited to a tropical wedding ceremony, you may not have the slightest idea about what to wear. Beach wedding dressing for guests usually varies according to the wedding style and venue.

The chief differences between typical wedding dress codes and beach wedding attire lie in the footwear and color palette. Generally, you do not get to see someone in a typical LBD and heels in such a ceremony. You may opt for fun prints, breathable fabrics, and high-end, simple staples for a refined-yet-effortless look just right for the beach wedding. It is best to avoid wearing casual cotton t-shirts and denim. Moreover, you may consider wearing sandals and shorts only if the event or venue is, particularly, casual.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Attire

Consider the Ideal Fabrics

For women: Light fabrics are best for beach weddings, particularly those that do not tend to cling to your body. You may opt for fabrics such as, linen, chiffon, and organza, even though cotton blends and lace are some of the fabulous light fabric options that have a chic and luxurious feel. Moreover, these fabrics are best for keeping you cool even under the blazing sun. Breathable and cool fabrics are best for beach weddings as they help avoid unsightly sweat marks on the back or front of your gown. It could be really breezy out there. It is a wise decision to avoid wearing too short or loose outfits. 

For Men: Men may wear a pair of linen pants with a cool linen shirt for a stunning look. If you are thinking of wearing a suit, it is best to stick to something lightweight like a cotton or linen suit that is loose-fitting and comfortable for creating a semi-formal look.

Choose the Right Colors

For Women: You can never go wrong with light and bright colors while dressing for a beach wedding ceremony. You may find out if the bride desires her wedding guests to follow a specific color scheme. In such a situation, you may consider the recommended color palette but look for shades compatible with your skin tone. Black outfits do look uber chic, but they should be avoided on a hot sunny day as it will be conducting heat. You may consider a black dress only if the beach wedding is in the late evening. It is best to consider bright and bold colors in the daytime when the sun is shining bright. Dress up in colors like aquamarine, terra cotta, tangerine, turquoise, fuchsia, and sunflower are best for a beach event or ceremony. You may choose bold flower prints, polka dots, or stripes. It is best to wear a pattern or print to beach weddings. If the wedding reception is all set for the late evening, do not forget to get a sheer, lightweight shawl for protecting yourself from the cool coastal breeze. Drape it around your shoulders to complete the look!

For Men: White or Beige pants teamed with a cool and brightly-colored linen shirt or jacket will help you look cool and well-groomed. It is best to wear a tan or cream-colored linen suit for semi-formal weddings.

Accessory: Hats Are the Way to Go! 

When the mercury is soaring, sun hats could provide the necessary heat relief. Sun hats are best for keeping you cool and comfortable. Moreover, sun hats are instrumental in shielding you from the harsh, sunburn-causing ultraviolet rays of the sun. Most skin experts or experienced dermatologists recommend flaunting a nice wide-brimmed hat for utmost sun protection. You may use sunscreen and reapply it every few hours. Wearing a nice straw cowboy hat could be a perfect backup measure. A wide-brimmed cowboy hat is best for providing ultimate sun protection and for taking your beach wedding style and fashion to the next level. The wide brim is perfect for shielding your ears and neck, where skin cancers usually develop. A wide-brimmed cowboy hat will shield you from both reflected and direct harsh rays of the sun. The best thing is that cowboy hat styles are popular and pretty common on the runways. They are thus functional and fashionable too. You can make a fashion statement with a nice straw cowboy hat.

Tips While Choosing a Straw Cow Boy Hat

There are three types of popularly-used straw cowboy hats: Bangora, Palm Leaf, and X-Designated cowboy hats. You may choose the perfect hat for the precise purpose and your taste. Bangora hats are inexpensive and machine-made. You may opt for a higher-quality straw hat for a beach wedding ceremony. Choose from one of the premium X-type straw hats. 

X-type straw hats were designed and created to meet the demand for high-quality premium straw hats. Initially, the X designation was limited to felt hats. Gradually the straw hats began to be marked with the X designation in case of a high-quality straw hat. The quality of the straw hat goes up with the increase in X designation. For instance, 15 X is best for hats that retain their shape even after getting wet.

Palm leaf cowboy hats help you steal the show wherever you go. It is a hand-woven hat made from sturdy materials. These straw hats complete your look on the beach and take your style quotient several notches higher. The best thing about these straw hats is that you can clean them effortlessly. Even if they lose their shape, you can restore them by dipping them in water and giving them the right shape.

Conclusion: Balance Is Key

A beach wedding is a perfect excuse to wear the right outfit that will best capture the breeze, lights, and enthralling beach ambiance. Beach wedding attire is certainly a fun way of showcasing your personality and style sense! 

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