Best Laptops to Play Your Favorite Games 2021

If you’re a fan of PC gaming, you must understand how deliberate you have to be when buying a laptop to play your favorite games. This is an important decision because it determines if you’re going to enjoy your gaming sessions or be frustrated by them. The fact that more gaming laptops are being created, and the number of gaming laptop manufacturers have increased in the last few years is another reason you must be deliberate with this decision. 

Many things have changed about gaming, such as when and how players choose to enjoy their games and the increase in viable gaming genres. Some people want a gaming laptop that they can also work with, others want a full-fledged replacement for their desktop PC, and others are looking for a worthy station for their eSports battle. 

With every passing year, the best gaming PCs are changing. The change from what it was a decade ago to the kind of laptops that are required now is glaring. Manufacturers now add more powerful specs to their laptops, with portable and professional builds. Add the fast and excellent refreshing screens, which are crucial for the top-quality gaming experience. These laptops are also ideal for everyday work, making them more desirable. 

These are some of the best laptops to consider for an improved gaming experience in 2021. 


This is the top laptop pick for many reasons, and it has topped this chart for a while now. This laptop has everything that you need to enjoy your favorite game. It’s almost impossible that you’ll find another 15-inch rig that’s better than the ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G15. 

It weighs just about four pounds, making it a very light gaming laptop, and it tops the list of most lightweight 15-inch gaming laptops you will ever come across. Yet, its portability doesn’t take anything away from its monster performance. 

G15 is powered by the best mobile chips from AMD and Nvidia and has a fast 165Hz QHD (1440p) display. Together, these components are strong enough to handle the hardest AAA titles with the QHD resolution. In addition, the excellent color reproduction ability of the panel means that your games will look excellent. 

Almost all laptop features are great, even apart from its gaming capacity. It has strong bass and percussion on the audio, a satisfying click on the touchpad and keyboard, excellent port selection, and a battery that lasts more than eight hours. 

According to Dave Cowley, one of the resume help providers at Careers Booster and an ardent game lover, this PC is not meant for everyone. One of its most significant drawbacks is that it lacks a webcam – a significant oversight from the makers. Also, some people may prefer a laptop that has a flashier aesthetic, or that’s more affordable. 

However, as a whole, the G15 represents the complete package for gamers and is the benchmark for other gaming laptops to beat. 

  • ASUS TUF Dash F15

ASUS produces some of the best-performing laptops for gamers, so it is no surprise that the second laptop on this list is also an ASUS product. Their products are not only great performers, but they are also the most affordable. For instance, they have the Asus TUF A15 accessible to gamers with a limited budget yet delivered a brilliant performance. Well, the ASUS TUF Dash F15 is a significant improvement on A15. Although it has the same affordability, it is far stronger. In addition, it has a 1080p display and 240Hz using the Intel Tiger Lake processors. Yet, it doesn’t cost a fortune. So you are sure of military-grade durability while keeping things thin and light with this product. 

  • Razer Blade 14

Any list of the best gaming laptops is incomplete without Razer Blade 14. This laptop has many reasons to be convinced, and its 14-inch form factor is a major one. This PC has a genuine pedigree at PC gaming, and it doesn’t fail to deliver. 

The Razer style has a classic feel, and with the Blade notebook being improved by the exceptional AMD Ryzen 9 5900H, you’re assured of one of the best processing power you’ve experienced. 

It also uses the RTX 30-series graphic power by Nvidia to provide a good mix of function and form and making it a very desirable laptop. 

The only criticism of this laptop is that it runs a little loud, and the 14-inch chassis may be too diminutive, but everything feels right. 


There is a long list of gaming laptops that you can buy to enjoy your favorite games in 2021. This is a shorter list, and the laptops here make up the best PCs you can buy for different reasons.