Why Every Business Should Perform Cyber Security Penetration

When your company is dealing with sensitive data, it is important to have a strong cyber security system. To create a strong cyber security system, your IT security team has to follow certain important strategies and steps. One of these steps is conducting a penetration test on the cyber security system.

A penetration test, also known as ethical hacking, is an authorized hacking or attack on a cyber security system put in place by a business. A white-hat hacker normally does a penetration test to ensure the security system can withstand attacks from a black-hat hacker. Most companies conduct their penetration test annually or bi-annually, depending on how frequently their system gets attacked.  

If you have a business and you have put in place a security system to protect your data, here are reasons you should conduct a penetration testing

Find any Vulnerabilities

Companies conduct security penetration testing mainly to find out all vulnerabilities in their cyber security system before a malicious hacker finds them. When a white hat hacker finds those vulnerabilities, they will recommend ways to remove them.

Your IT security team will devise ways to remove those vulnerabilities before black hat hackers use them to steam your data or take control of your system

Test Your System’s Defense Abilities

When you create a cyber security system for your business, you will put in place certain defenses that will repel hackers. When you hire a white-hat hacker to conduct penetration testing, they will test how easy it is to get past those defenses. If it takes a few hours or days to get past those defenses, you will have to get better ones. 

Comply With Laws and Regulations

In certain jurisdictions, businesses must ensure they follow certain laws and regulations regarding protecting clients’ data. These laws might require your business to perform penetration testing on your security system at certain times throughout the year.

If you want to avoid getting in legal trouble with the authorities, you must conduct a penetration test on your system as required by law. 

Penetration Testing Improves Reputation

In the cyber security world, word spread quickly on who has the most difficult security system to hack. If you conduct a penetration test and the white hat hacker spends hundreds of days trying to breach the system, your business will have the reputation of having the best security system. This will improve customer relationships and encourage more investment in your business.  

Assess Potential Damage

A cyberattack can cause damage that can reach millions of dollars when you consider fines, lost revenue, and expenses to fix the breach. A white-hat hacker will show you how much damage can be caused if a black-hat hacker gains access to your security system.

When you conduct a penetration test, the potential damage will encourage you to invest in a better security system.

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Improve Your Business’s Cyber Security with Penetration Testing

Cyberattacks can be very expensive to fix when they are successful, hence seeking ways to prevent them is very important. To ensure your security system is up to date, always conduct a penetration test regularly. It will point out any vulnerabilities, improve your reputation, and save you a lot of money.