Advanced Cyber Security Certification Courses Online 2022

Cyber Security is a growing space and a blooming market, as the threats on the Internet across the globe keep flourishing. More frequent ransomwares and spywares like Legion, Petya, WannaCry and the latest Pegasus reflect how important cyber security is for an organisation. Hence, almost every organisation is strengthening its cyber capabilities and extensively investing in the domain.

The global cybersecurity market has shown tremendous improvements in terms of market cap, and is expected to grow from $165.78 billion in 2021 to $366.1 billion in 2028 [Source: Fortune Business Insights]. There are new emerging jobs in the sector and companies are looking for skilled professionals, who have gone through a Cyber Security Course in India, and can thus help them in securing their data and resources.

While there are multiple courses available online which offer cyber security education, not all of them offer satisfactory education and can thus pose a challenge to your career growth. Hence, it becomes important to choose the best course as per your needs, especially when you are pursuing cyber security education at an advanced level.

To help you out with this, we have brought a list of some of the best advanced cyber security courses available online, which you can join in 2022.

The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed!

Created by Nathan House, this course is offered in online mode through Udemy.

  • The course has a user rating of 4.5 out of 5, with 2,25,188 students enrolled currently.
  • The course isn’t very expensive and costs a mere ₹455, and is spread over a duration of 12 hours. Students can access these resources as per their own comfort, whenever they want.
  • Students have full lifetime access to resources and also get a certification on completion.
  • The course teaches exploring darknets, information security, malwares, phishing, etc.
  • Operating systems, their privacy and patching are also covered, majorly for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Students also learn about Threat Privileges, Security Bugs, Virtual Machines, Social Media Defence, etc.

Executive PG Programme in Software Development – Specialisation in Cyber Security

This online certification is being offered by the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIIT), Bangalore, through online course provider upGrad.

  • The course lays emphasis on Data Secrecy, Application Security, Network Security, Cryptography, and a lot more.
  • It is a 13 months long course which costs you something around ₹3 lakh.
  • Students would be required to devote around 12-15 hours per week to complete the course within time.
  • The students will get a diploma from IIIT Bangalore and will also be considered an alumnus. In addition, they will also be provided placement assistance.
  • Students will get to learn nuances of Database Security, Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, Applied Cryptography, etc.
  • They will also work on tools like Kali Linux, BurpSuite, SQLMap and AWS.

Cybersecurity Specialisation

This course is being offered by the University of Maryland through Coursera.

  • The course has a user rating of 4.6/5, with 75,982 students already enrolled.
  • An intermediate level course, it will take you approximately 8 months to complete it, given you devote roughly 2 hours/week.
  • Not just English, this course is also offered in various other languages like Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Korean, German, Portuguese and even Vietnamese, through subtitles.
  • The major skills focused on in this course include Cryptography, Software Testing, Fuzz Testing, Buffer Overflow, etc.
  • Not just classroom lectures, students also get to do some hands-on exercise in this online course.

Post Graduate Program in Cyber Security

This online course is being offered through collaboration between Simplilearn, MIT Schwarzman College of Computing, and the EC-Council.

  • A very popular course in the field of cyber security, Simplilearn’s program follows the Online Bootcamp mode of learning for students.
  • This is a 6 months long course, considering that you devote around 5-10 hours/week. The course runs throughout the year and most oftenly you can join at a time suitable to you.
  • It currently has a user rating of 4.5, and is being offered for a fee of ₹1,27,500. The course also caters to the need of underprivileged students who can avail the benefit of EMI facility, with monthly payments as low as ₹4,233.
  • The course adopts a case method of learning, with 4 essential cases discussed by MIT professors.
  • Some of the key concepts and skills covered in this course include Designing Systems, IDS Firewalls and Honeypots, Network Packet Analysis, Mobile Technologies, OSI and TCP-IP models, Countermeasures for Trojans, Identity and Access Management, etc.
  • Though any work experience is not required, applicants must be holding a bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks.

Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity

The master’s degree in cybersecurity program run by edX is another good advanced certification course in this field, which is being offered by Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology).

  • Though a master’s degree course, it is offered completely in online mode. The duration can range anywhere between 2-3 years.
  • Students can also get admission in this course through their GMAT and GRE scores.
  • This is a bit of  a stringent course and has a fixed schedule and requirements. The course generally begins in the month of August, with application deadlines being in February and March.
  • The tuition fees of the cost is currently $9,920, which is equal to nearly ₹7,40,000 at the current exchange rate.
  • To be eligible for this course, you must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
  • The overall work hours required from students would be 32 hours in this course.
  • The course curriculum focuses on teaching cyber threats as well as various cyber physical systems.
  • Giving an upper edge to candidates, the course also covers the role which governments, corporations and various policy interventions can play to stop cyber crime and surveillance.

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The 5 websites mentioned above are anyways the most popular online learning platforms, and the courses listed are one of their best offerings in cybersecurity. So do give more reading to these 5 courses, and try to figure out which one suits you best. Choose an online certification and start your journey for a lucrative career ahead.