Why a PDF to Word Free Trial Account is Beneficial

If you are the type of person to use PDFs heavily in your line of work, you may have come across this cloud service from PDFBear.com at some point. You might now be wondering if you should use PDFBear.com tools for your occupation. The truth is, it depends really on what kind of work you regularly do.

Narrow Down Your Search to PDF to Word Conversions

One of the most common file conversions that PDFBear.com regularly offers is the PDF to Word transaction. With this file conversion, you would use one of your PDF documents and change its format so that it becomes a Word file. But even though this is a commonly done file conversion, you might be hesitating to try it out. In this case, you would do well to try a Free Trial of the service first.

Why a Free Trial Works

PDFBear.com offers a free trial period because some consumers don’t like to pay upfront for a new service without the reassurance that the service gives them value in return. You might say that the free trial period is similar to the courtship ritual between a man and woman – in this case, PDFBear.com is willing to extend its service without asking for anything in return yet.

As a consumer, you are getting quite a great service without putting out any money yet, if you opt for the Free Trial. You can try out the service on your documents just to see if it works. You will be able to even profit from it by using the service to process documents required at your job. And after the Free Trial, you have the option of completely discontinuing the service.

Of course, the question is: would you want to discontinue the service? PDFBear.com is counting on the true value of its service to win over new subscribers. Of course, to qualify for the free trial period, you need to submit your payment details to PDFBear.com. This way, if the free trial period comes to an end and you want to continue with the service, it becomes easy to pay.

What to Do if You Dislike the Service

There may be some consumers who are not easy to please so they don’t want to continue with the service. If this is what happens to you, don’t worry. All you have to do is contact PDFBear.com at info@pdfbear.com and explain why you would like to terminate the Free Trial offer before the free trial period ends. As long as your reason is valid, you will be free to leave.

However, there can be problems if you neglect to inform PDFBear.com well before the free trial period ends that you’d like to terminate the relationship. Because according to the contract you signed with PDFBear.com, they have the right to start charging your payment source for the cost of the subscription right after the free trial period concludes. And they will.

What this means is that you have an obligation even if you are using a Free Trial account. You should make it a point to read the details of the Terms & Conditions of the service before you even sign up for the Free Trial account. And if you neglect to inform PDFBear.com before the conclusion of the free trial period then legal problems will crop up.

What to Do if You Like the Service

Now this one is really what PDFBear.com is hoping you will agree to the continuance of the service. To do this, all you have to do is let the free trial period end and just keep using the service regularly. In return, PDFBear.com will begin charging you for the service. And they will keep charging you for as long as you keep paying. That’s the ideal situation.

Think carefully about it: who wouldn’t want to stay with a service that continually delivers on its promises day in and day out? It’s just like you and your employer – what employer would fire an employee who renders service faithfully and regularly? So, as long as you like the service of PDFBear.com, you are welcome to stay as a loyal subscriber.


The file conversion business is just like any other industry. PDFBear.com needs to be compensated for its service to be able to operate continuously. Consumers like you will need this kind of file conversion service to keep on working in your organization. So the best deal that could happen is if you continue patronizing PDFBear.com.

If you’d like hands-on proof that PDFBear.com has what you need, just sign up for the Free Trial for now. That way, you can see why this service is the best one for you.