3 Quick and Easy Way to Convert PDF to PNG

It is not common to see conversion tools that would help us convert a PDF file to PNG image files. This is because it is not something that we usually do. But if we need it done, where do we go?

For outstanding services that are quick, convenient, and user-friendly, we recommend going to GogoPDF! GogoPDF provides a variety of PDF tools and services such as file conversion, optimization, file organization, file viewing and editing, e-signing, and security. In this article, we will go through a step-by-step guide on how you can convert your PDF to PNG with GogoPDF. Go check out their site and experience for yourself why it’s the best site for anything PDF-related!

Step-By-Step PDF to PNG conversion with GogoPDF

1.    Upload Your PDF File to The Website’s Server

To begin your conversion process, the first thing that you will need to do is to upload your PDF file to GogoPDF’s server.

In the PDF to PNG tool page, you will find a workspace area with a Select A File button positioned at the center. Click the Select A File button to upload your file. A window of your device’s file library will pop out for you to locate the PDF file. Select the file, then click Open. Your PDF file will be uploaded and processed to the server right after.

If you’re accessing the site with your desktop or laptop, another easy method to upload your PDF file to the server is to simply select the file from its file location, then drag it toward the tool page’s workspace area with your mouse, at last drop the file there. The PDF file will also be loaded to the server in an instant.

GogoPDF only allows its users to upload their PDF files and convert them to PNG one at a time, meaning batch processing for this conversion tool is not yet open. However, GogoPDF is working on new tools and features that will be launched very soon. Nonetheless, if you are dealing with multiple PDF files, GogoPDF works very fast while still ensuring that the file is generated in its best quality. So you do not have to worry about going through all the hassle because your files will be done and converted in no time!

2. Select Conversion Option

Upon uploading your PDF file to the server, you will be sent to the next section, where you will be asked about how you want your file to be converted. The first option is to convert the entire pages of your PDF file to PNG image format. The second option is to only extract and convert single images from the PDF file. The latter option is only available as a pro tool for users who are subscribed to their membership plan. However, it is yet to be available at the moment.

At the left side of the section’s workspace, you will see the file name of your PDF, its file size, and the number of pages it has. Once you have selected the conversion option, proceed by clicking Choose Option.

From there, your PDF file will be processed and will immediately proceed to its conversion to PNG format as it applies the conversion option you just selected. At most times, you will not have to wait as the file will be converted in an instant. But depending on your file size, your internet connection speed, as well as the conversion option you chose, you might have to wait for a couple of seconds to a minute. Afterward, you will be directed to the last section of the tool page.

3. Download Your PNG File

We are now on our last and final step in the conversion process! In this step, you can finally download and share your newly converted PNG image file.

To download the file, click the Download button, and your PNG image file will be automatically saved to your device by the internet browser through the GogoPDF site. You can find your newly saved file in the Downloads folder of your device.

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And to share your file, GogoPDF has excellent file-sharing services that you will surely find convenient, efficient, and time-saving! The site generates a shareable link that you can just copy and send to your recipients. By clicking the link, your recipients will also have access to download the file through the GogoPDF site. Another sharing option is to email them your link and file. There is a mail button that you can find where you can enter the email addresses necessary.

The filename of the PDF file you initially uploaded will be retained even after it is converted. But if you wish to rename it, you can click the pencil button. This is only available for pro features.


In just three quick and easy steps, you were able to convert your PDF file to PNG image files. How amazing is that!

GogoPDF offers a wide range of PDF tools and services, so if you need anything PDF-related, you know where to go! In line with GogoPDF’s Customer Data Privacy Policy, the site will automatically delete all files one hour after upload. So we assure you that the site is safe and secure.