Which one is More Expensive? Granite or Quartz Countertops?

There are numerous interesting points with regards to installing new countertops in your home. At Granite Selection, we often ask, “is quartz more costly than Granite?” In all actuality, this relies upon several factors, and there’s no candid reply.

You need to think about style, sizes, work costs, spending plan, sturdiness, just as eco-accommodating variables. So, which have acquired significance throughout the last decade, to grasp the actual price of each. That is the reason we’ve assembled a similar manual to assist you with deciding if Granite or quartz is more costly, as per your particular kitchen essentials. 

What to Explore? 

  1. Quartz Vs. Granite
  2. Brief Intro of both stones 
  3. Brief Intro of both stones 
  4. How much does the Granite slab cost?
  5. How much does the Quartz slab cost?
  6. Cost Factors of Both stones

Quartz Vs. Granite

Other than the Granite versus quartz value banter, there are different elements like toughness, usefulness. And the way of life elements to think about when choosing which countertop to put resources into. Both enjoy their benefits and inconveniences. Anyway, is quartz less expensive than Granite? How about we investigate each Granite’s unique qualities and their frequently hasty costs.

Brief Intro of both stones 

Granite: So, Granite is one of the most adaptable and usual Granite sorts utilized for a vast assortment of utilizations, including structures, figures, chimneys, floor tiles, and family countertops. Quartz and potassium are the two prevalent minerals that make up this regular Granite, which comes in pink, white, and varieties of dim and dark. Granite is tough, which is the reason it’s well-known countertop material. It is impervious to enduring and scratching, particularly blade scratches, chipping, and corrosive disintegration from cooking. 

Quartz: This one is the second most bountiful mineral found on the planet and has been utilized to make kitchen and shower countertops for quite a long time. Quartz minerals are mined and ground into a total meld with a pitch that ties with Granite under extreme strain to shape a piece. During this cycle, shades are added to give profound and rich coloring. Quartz is amazingly sturdy, non-permeable, and doesn’t need fixing, adding to its simple upkeep. 

Granite Vs. Quartz Countertops Cost

Is quartz more affordable than Granite? Indeed and no. Most fine quartz, believing it’s less expensive; however, if you’re purchasing the costliest quartz, it tends to be similarly just about as pricey as some Granite chunks. Figuring out what is the cost of quartz versus Granite relies upon every individual task’s details. 

How much does the Granite slab cost?

Granite countertops per square foot range from $35 – $120. The cost relies upon the sort of Granite you pick, how enormous your countertops are, and what kinds of patterns and points your task requires. Uncommon Granite like Andromeda, which looks a ton like marble, will be more costly. The typical cost of Granite countertops is between $2,000 to $4,500, including installation. 

How much does the Quartz slab cost?

Best Quartz countertops per square foot range from $40 – $85. Like Granite, the cost relies upon the kind of quartz you pick, the countertop size, and what sorts of patterns your task needs. Costly quartz-like Calacatta Naples can cost $85 per square foot. The typical cost of quartz counters is between $2500 – $4000, including installation. 

Cost Factors of Both stones

Color, thickness, source, and delivery, just as the installation, will impact the typical cost of Granite versus quartz. All in all, is quartz less expensive than Granite? Indeed, Granite is a characteristic of Granite, and a few assortments are more extraordinary than others. At the same time, quartz can be made to resemble their regular partners, which now and again can make it marginally less expensive. 


Both quartz and Granite come in practically any color under the sun, so spending plan and individual taste are an issue. Granite with typical colors will generally be all the more effectively accessible and costs less; as it may, unique shades like Blue Bahia can be up to $120 per square foot. Quartz fabricating, however, its plan might build the cost. For example, quartz tops with gold specks will be more costly. 


Kitchen counters present significantly more mileage than different regions in the home. Standard-industry countertop thickness is between 2 cm to 3 cm. Obviously, the thicker the piece, the more costly it is. Presently, thicker chunks are moving, and on account of Granite, they require less work since they don’t need pressed wood fortifications. 

Source and Shipping

Transportation costs likewise dictate quartz tops cost versus granite countertops. The US produces quartz and quarries Granite locally, which diminishes the price in certain states. Granite imports from China might, in any case, be less expensive than nearby Granite yet at the tradeoff of value. Finally, uncommon Granite from Italy and Brazil will be more costly. It is expected both for its extraordinariness and the cost of global delivery. 


Professional installation of these concrete countertops is crucial regarding edge situations, completes, and mixing creases. Costs are project-subordinate. FYI: Granite should be fixed, and keeping in mind that it very well might be less expensive to purchase more modest pieces, this expands the creases required and cost. Quartz, then again, as far as size, comes in sections of around 50-55 square feet; in this manner, enormous installations should be possible simpler with Granite without seeming. 

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Counting up quartz countertops versus Granite costs is subject to your venture and spending plan. As should be obvious, several factors are at play while deciding the cost of Granite versus quartz. Regardless of which stone you pick, we generally prescribe recruiting a proficient supplier to guarantee your countertops are pleasantly installed.