5 Different Kinds of Countertop Edge

The kitchen is the center of any home. It’s where we make our food, entertain guests and enjoy time with our family. One of the most important things to think about when planning your kitchen design is the kind of countertop you’d like to use for your workspace. With the many choices, it isn’t easy to choose which is the best for your needs. So, find out more about the various types of countertops and their pros and pros.

One of the most crucial choices you have to make when designing your kitchen is the type of edge for your countertop you would like. So, this is a significant element of your kitchen, and it’s important to give some consideration. 

Mitered edge granite:

One of the most basic designs for countertops is buying mitered edge granite just like waterfalls. It’s an excellent modern design that keeps things secure for children. However, this edge isn’t simple to wash. If you try to scrub the crumbs off of this edge, the chances are they’ll fall under the kitchen countertop because of the easy angle.


  • Mitered edges granite are secure edges if you have very young children
  • Contemporary and modern stone edge style
  • Simple to protect your kitchen counters
  • It is possible to work in traditional kitchens


  • Liquids can easily spill over the edges of the bullnose and then into your cabinets.
  • It’s difficult to remove food particles off your countertop since they are buried beneath the curved edge of the bullnose edges.
  • Ogee edge profile

An s-shaped design is associated with luxury and elegance. You may have encountered an ogee edge if you’ve ever been to an elegant hotel or an elegant casino. So, ogee edges are usually suitable for children of all ages however, they can be a hassle to clean and may look somewhat “too much” if you utilize them in your kitchen.


  • Unique s-shaped edge design
  • Traditional and elegant – it is luxurious and has a luxurious feel to it
  • It is generally safe for children (no sharp edges, etc.).
  • Finally, perfect for granite or quartz countertop material


  • A sharp ogee edge may appear a little too high.
  • The best option is to limit it to a kitchen island or.
  • The standard s-shape edge is difficult to remove

Half bullnose (or demi bullnose) edge profile

A half-bullnose (or demi-bullnose) edge is the soft rounded edge sloping downwards to form an upward line that is direct to the floor. It means that the countertop is simple to clean and clean, and water spills are simpler to control. So, the major drawback is that they’re not as safe for children as a round edge. Although a demi-bullnose edge isn’t the most lavish style, the simplicity of this design is what is important.


  • Countertops are fairly easy to clean and wash down
  • Modern and affordable kitchen countertops design
  • Water spills are easier to contain and other water spills.
  • Finally, a simple, clean edge is great stone countertops.


  • Not so child-safe as a standard edge with a bullnose
  • Half-bullnose countertop edges look pretty common

Beveled edge profile

One of the most elegant edge designs for countertops beveled edges can appear contemporary or classic based on the design of the kitchen and stone (natural or synthetic, for instance). So, a modern take on straight edges, beveled edges can be a fantastic design for countertops that can be used in various ways. So, these edges provide a contemporary, custom-made look to your kitchen’s design if you have quartz countertops. In addition, the edges are simple to clean, and spills can fall directly onto the floor instead of getting into the cabinets in your kitchen. So, this is a major bonus.


  • The 45-degree angle edge countertop could look classic or modern.
  • Liquids leak straight to the floor, which is why they don’t harm your cabinets
  • Simple and simple design to clean and dry
  • Finally, excellent with granite and quartz countertops. Material options for countertops


  • Not the most lavish style in the world
  • These edges of the countertop could seriously injure children

Square edge profile

If a rounded or a smooth edge isn’t your style, perhaps you prefer a square edge shape instead. So, square edges work well with every style of interiors, with a preference for more contemporary styles. In addition, they are inexpensive, easy to keep clean, and are less prone to harm than the more soft edges and round edges.


  • It fits any style of home (traditional contemporary, traditional, etc.)
  • A low-cost and inexpensive edge
  • The less likely to suffer the damage
  • Simple to remove crumbs from the edge of the counter
  • Finally, fantastic with the new granite and quartz choices


  • Edge design can be too minimalist for some people.
  • It’s not the best option for parents with children (they could get in it or get into it.)

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The final choice is up to you. I hope this post provides you with enough information to help you make an educated decision regarding which edge style best suits your requirements and preferences for countertops for your commercial or residential space. The best way to choose the type of countertop you’d like for your kitchen is to think about how it will work with the rest of your room rather than just choosing new kitchen appliances or colors.