Why it’s important to use Whatsapp for customer support on Wix

WhatsApp was the most downloaded app in 2019. 709 million worldwide downloads, 1.6 billion users! It has recently surpassed social media, email, and phone as the most popular way to communicate with family and friends.

Statistics show that users spend the most time on this app each session. Globally, transmitted communications increased in 5 years to 65 billion per day.

Without a doubt, WhatsApp dominates the market. What’s new? It’s now one of the most extensively utilized applications for business.

In addition to enhancing client interactions, Wix is one of over 3 million businesses using WhatsApp.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp in customer support in Wix?

Consumers demand speedy service. They want instant satisfaction, personalization, and multichannel support. Simultaneously, businesses seek to improve consumer relationships.

WhatsApp, like other messaging applications, may serve both customers and businesses. How?

Some key benefits are:

1. Use your consumers’ preferred channel

People nowadays do everything on their phones and connect mostly via applications, notably WhatsApp. This eliminates the need for users to switch platforms. The difficulty is to not just be present on the channel but also give the same level of service. It’s all about being omnichannel.

As a result, there is more engagement and a faster average response time.

2. Consumers’ convenience

Both the consumer and the service professional can discuss via WhatsApp. Companies can better support modern consumers by having non-synchronic discussions.

So customers don’t have to talk on the phone for an eternity to get help. They can send a message and go about their business till they hear back.

3. Like a friendly chat

Wix WhatsApp enable more intimate and empathic encounters.

Unlike email, which may be sluggish and bureaucratic, this application allow for a one-on-one digital connection between consumer and agent.

Why not use natural language, gifs, emojis, and memes like a friend? This will provide a personal touch and build the customer relationship.

4. More efficient service

According to reports, live chat costs $3 US for each conversation, whereas instant messaging applications cost as little as $1 US.

However, customer care workers may help around 15 people each hour by phone vs 60 via WhatsApp.

That’s not everything! WhatsApp not only help firms save money, but also assist customers to save time and preventing unneeded irritation by reducing the number of clients waiting for an agent.

5. Robots use WhatsApp too!

Many businesses are using WhatsApp chatbots to automate and speed up customer care. Customers may obtain 24/7 support and FAQ replies.

Customers may obtain answers to inquiries like “Can I pay with my debit card?” and “How is my order?” this way. immediately, at any moment.


To that end, we offer some advice for businesses considering this route. For a new channel to be successful, it must be applied correctly.

Here are some crucial reminders when using WhatsApp.

– Tell everyone you’re on WhatsApp

Without this information, your consumers will not consider using WhatsApp to contact you. This channel should also be used along the consumer journey.

– Know your clients and keep improving their experience.

Getting to know your customers is critical. Monitoring certain metrics, like average response time or customer happiness, may help ensure the experience is continually becoming better. 

– Speak in the brand’s tone

The brand’s tone must be present across all messages and channels to maintain its identity. But each channel is unique.

Chat with WhatsApp using short messages, emoticons, videos, and even audio! As stated previously, use this channel to communicate with your clients as if they were close friends.

– Add value via transactional communication

We don’t only call clients by their names when we talk about customization. Add value by providing relevant and tailored information. Enrich the user experience by connecting WhatsApp to their existing data.

– Automate the experience using AI

For example, in customer support, artificial intelligence provides instantaneous replies, 24/7 availability, and automated FAQ responses. A few keystrokes will not only resolve most client issues but also quickly please them.

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Companies must adapt to changing consumer habits and tastes. Using WhatsApp for customer support improves efficiency, increases loyalty, and builds long-term relationships with your audience. It also helps organizations for giving better service while positioning them as inventive, compassionate, and current.

If your business is running on WooCommerce, check out WooCommerce WhatsApp to help your customers.