Top 3 Tools To Shrink PDF Files For Free

PDF Shrinker is a desktop application that quickly and easily reduce pdf size without any loss in quality. You can dramatically reduce the file size if you Compress pdf, making it easier to email and share online.

PDF files can take up a lot of storage space, especially if they are full of images and graphics. If you need to free up some space on your computer or send a PDF file to someone but don’t want to send the entire file, you can shrink the PDF file size.

There are a few ways to shrink PDF file size. One way is to use a PDF compression tool. These tools allow you to compress the file by reducing the file size of all the images and graphics in the document. Another way to shrink PDF file size is to reduce the resolution of the images in the document. 

PDF Converting Software

PDF Compressor is a free and simple online PDF compression tool. There is no software to download, so you may use the platform through your web browser. It’s not the most visually appealing website, but after using the programme for years, we can safely state it does what it claims it does: Shrink pdf.

Despite the fact that there are no choices for optimizing compressed PDFs, we’ve discovered that compressed PDFs are nonetheless of great quality. We would, however, double-check massive papers before forwarding them. It’s also worth noting that PDF Compressor transforms documents to and from PDF format, which is a useful extra tool for organizations.

There just isn’t much else to say about PDF Compressor. It’s free, it works, and the firm has monetized its site with adverts to keep the product free. The only disadvantage is that it has a file size restriction, such as the 1.5GB one we tried it with.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a top-quality, dependable PDF compressor that is available for free. It also provides a commercial desktop programme for corporations looking for a high-quality PDF compressing solution.

The free online application is simple to use and interacts with Google Drive and Dropbox to facilitate uploading. Compressed files maintain the majority of their original quality and are simple to send through email or upload.

If you’re searching for a free pdf size reducer, Soda PDF is hard to beat.

Although the online tool is useful and may meet the needs of many organizations without the need for a subscription, we recommend the Soda PDF Business plan. The commercial edition of Soda PDF contains a comprehensive set of PDF management functions, such as intelligent PDF compression, file encryption, and file format conversion.

PDFelement PDFelement is yet another robust and dependable PDF toolkit. It has a broad range of features, including those that are unusual, such as optical character recognition (OCR) optimization and conversion. When it comes to PDF compression, though, we’re a bit dissatisfied.

Although Wondershare’s PDF compressor is flawless, it is only accessible with PDFelement Pro (the more costly of Wondershare’s two products).

PDFelement is one of the best integrated PDF management solutions, and we would suggest it to firms wanting to invest in one. However, if you just need to Shrink pdf files on rare occasions, we recommend looking into one of the less expensive or free PDF compressor choices.