Sport Jackets: Picking Out the Right Fit

Dressing for fancy events or casual business gatherings can get you baffled as you need to pick jackets accordingly. You might be scratching your head over choosing casual attire or a blazer.

You can go for sport jackets instead! Picking a sport jacket is relatively easy as you can blend in sophistication and casual attire in an ideal balance.

The forecast for 2022 sport jacket market value worldwide has surged from 1,880 million U.S dollars to 2,460 million U.S dollars. Hence, multiple people opt for sport jacket as their go-to jackets for events. This post discusses sport jackets in great detail. Read on!

What Is the Difference Between Sport Jacket and A Blazer?

The main difference between a sport jacket and a blazer is that they are worn for different occasions. You would choose a sport jacket for a party or any other casual occasion. While a blazer is ideal for a restaurant or a business meeting.

The sport jacket is a tougher material and can be suitable for occasions that do not require you to dress in a sophisticated manner. In contrast, a blazer is made with delicate materials and is ideal for formal social gatherings.

You will find multiple textures and patterns on a sport jacket, and your blazer would have finer fabrics.

Picking Out the Right Fit for Yourself

You can wear a sport jacket in many ways and find a wide variety of choices too. In this section, the pointers will help you pick the right jacket for yourself.

Casual or Dressier Sport Jacket?

Sport Jackets are inherently casual, so you need to divide your choices further and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Where will you wear the jacket?
  • What is the occasion?
  • Does the event allow a more casual or dressier sport jacket?


Your casual jacket will have two attributes, fabric and patterns, that will determine the look of your jacket.

  • Fabric: A heavier fabric with more textures makes a jacket casual.
  • Pattern: The thumb rule says a wild patterned jacket with plaids, complex patterns, and several colours make a jacket casual.

Hence, a casual sport jacket is ideal if you go to a party with your friends and family.


A dressier sport jacket would amp up the sophistication.

  • Fabric: The fabric of a dressier sport jacket is slick, it brings a smooth touch. A lighted material is perhaps used in a dressier sport jacket.
  • Pattern: A dressier sport jacket has toned-down patterns and colours such as black, blue, brown, etc.

Hence, a dressier sport jacket is ideal for a fancy event. You can wear it to a business gathering demanding a business casual look.

What Will You Wear Under the Sport Coat?

What you choose to wear under the sport coat is also an essential aspect to consider. If your sport coat is heavily patterned and multicoloured, you could go for a simpler shirt.

For a blue sport coat, you can go for a contrast colour, such as white, for a surefire attire. If you intend to dress warmly, put on a light sweater under your coat. Always remember to match your colours and patterns well.

Keeping It Sporty

As the name suggests, a sport jacket is supposed to be sporty. Thus, you can get creative and choose eye-catching patterns and colours.

For business casual attire, you can go for a semi-sophisticated fabric and pattern. However, do not eliminate the patterns and colours, you may end up eliminating the sporty look altogether.

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Wrap It Up

In recent times, sport jacket has become more common than they used to be. Several individuals choose to dress in business casuals, and that explains its increasing popularity.

Do you want to amp up your business casuals? Shop for sport coats online or at a local store!