How Do You Find the Best Pre-Workout Supplement?

According to a study, a good quality supplement can increase your performance during high-intensity exercises. And this can help you meet your body goals in a shorter time healthily.

There are plenty of brands in the market that sell pre-workout supplements. And although this can provide you with many options, it can also make choosing the best pre-workout supplement quite challenging.

So, which pre-workout supplements are suitable for your body? Read on to know more.


The supplement’s composition can decide if it can help you gain muscle, work out for a longer time, and work out harder. As such, the best pre-workout supplement will contain a host of high-quality ingredients. And some of the key ingredients you should look out for include:

●       Caffeine

Caffeine is a proven performance booster in both sprints and endurance exercises. This ingredient can lower the perception of effort and decrease the rate of fatigue. It can even help you during sleep-deprived days. And, the optimal dose of Caffeine is 1.8 to 2.7 mg per kg of body weight.

●       Beta-Alanine

Beta-Alanine is another important ingredient you should look for in your pre-workout supplement. It can help you increase your overall training volume by buffering hydrogen ions. Further, it can provide you with the ability to maintain your energy for a longer time. And the optimal dose of Beta-Alanine in your supplement should be 1.5 to 5 g.

●       Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a substance naturally found in muscle cells. This substance is responsible for generating power and strength for your muscles while you move your body.

Creatine as an ingredient can help your muscles by providing extra energy. Plus, it can produce energy pumps for big lifts. As such, the optimal dosage for Creatine Monohydrate is about 5 grams in a pre-workout supplement.

Third-Party Testing

How can you be sure a pre-workout supplement is trustworthy? For that, you can check out their third-party testing results.

Before using any form of supplement, you should make sure to check if the brand displays third-party testing results. This will provide you with an unbiased list of ingredients and will ensure that there are no harmful ingredients involved in the manufacturing. Besides, a third-party test will reveal that the brand meets the quality standards they promise.

The testing will also provide information regarding the following:

  • Product standardisation from batch to batch.
  • Levels of contaminants (if there are any).
  • Presence of any undeclared ingredient.

Clinical Research

Clinical research is crucial for manufacturing pre-workout supplements. Hence, make sure to purchase from a brand that uses the highest-quality ingredients backed by scientific research. And this step will ensure good results as well as safety.

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Does the brand provide results as advertised? If it does not, you should start looking for an alternative.

So, you can assess the brand’s reputation by checking for reviews across various websites. You can also talk to someone who has used the brand previously.

The best pre-workout supplement will fulfil your energy requirements without any side effects. However, many reputable supplements can cause mild side effects on some people, although there is nothing to worry about, as it can be jittery, itching, or interrupted sleep. Besides, it is advisable to start with smaller doses to avoid these symptoms. Further, if you have any underlying disease or are under prescribed medication, you should contact your physician before deciding anything.

You can also take such consultation easily online these days because there are many experts offering their services through the best digital healthcare platforms. You can check here on how it might work fine for you as well.