Klipsch r26f Review – What You Should Know

Options are not enough when it comes to upgrading your home with audio equipment. Whatever option you opt for has its own pros and cons. Before reviewing Klipsch r26flet us have a comparison of some of these speaker types. In order to create a difference between different speaker types, it is necessary for you to have an understanding of different sound channels. 

Sounds can be split into three different types of categories and there is a variety of speakers which produce these sounds. For instance, you need tweeter speakers if you want to play highs. These speakers can easily play high sounds which are their specialty.

Their shortcoming lies in the fact that they are not capable of propagating sound to a large area. Likewise, for mids and lows, you need a different types of speakers for both. For now, it is enough, let us review r26f.

Knowing The Klipsch R-26F Speakers

Although the market is full of numerous speakers, Klipsch has earned its name in this competitive market by making high-quality speakers. People know them for their use of horns in providing high-quality notes. In the same way, Klipsch continues its tradition of delivering high-quality products with its model the R-26F. It really symbolizes what the brand stands for. This model is no different from other models of the brands. However, it also acquires its distinct identity.

The r36f model is jam-packed with audiophile-worthy sound and the best-in-class audio technology for room-filling. This bad boy will make your music and movies soar to new altitudes with the powerful and big sound system he comes with.  

Enigmatic Klipsch Design

For many years, people know Klipsch speakers for their Tractrix horn-loaded tweeter. Interestingly this design makes possible accurate and clear high frequencies. The Klipsch r26f produces full-range and natural sound with a solid bass response with its two 6-1/2 inches copper spun woofers. In addition to this, its efficiency makes it capable of not requiring a lot of power to run it. Two pairs of sturdy 5-way binding posts allow for bi-wiring or bi-amping.


As soon as your ear embraces the sound of these speakers, you get to know that it is almost impossible to match the qualities and characteristics of this model. Other comparable models look to this set with jealousy. On usage, you will find that Klipsch r26fproduces full-bodied and vibrant sound. Although the woofers are excellent, the horn-loaded tweeters steal the show for this set of speakers. 

The Klipsch horn has made some of the most controversial developments in the audio world and people have a mixture of “love it or hate it” mentality as far as the manufacturing of its speakers is concerned. All of the quality wirings come with the cabinets of these speakers that you can expect from speakers of this range.

Another significant thing about these cabinets is that they are very much durable. If your choice is to make things a little rowdy, you are on a right track. 

Below is the list of its specifications:

  • The speaker cabinets of these speakers are acoustically resonant and durable.
  • Comes with 6.5 inches dual copper woofers 
  • Features a 1-inch dynamic aluminum tweeter horn 
  • With diminishing effectiveness, they have been designed for small to medium places. 
  • Each speaker requires 100 watts of nominal power. 

Style and Structure

Despite the Klipsch AW-650 which does pay the most important part of the independence of establishments, this model was planned to seen engaging, tasteful, and provide brilliant sound. This set includes a pair of dimensional organizers which has three speakers, two woofers, and one tweeter.  

Horn Tweeters Made of Aluminum

This floor-standing speaker features an adaptable 1-inch Tractrix horn tweeter which is made of aluminum. Due to the gathering of this tweeter, it makes a direct heading out suspension which is designed to get every day and cognitive activities. The straightforward actuality makes it possible for them to adapt to those tweeters. Moreover, the Klipsch r26f can adjust for average frequencies.


Budget is the most important thing in buying a thing. The same ideas you should apply while buying a new speaker. This will shortlist for you as you know how much you can spend on buying this. It is true that different customers will have different budgets and the sound quality varies with how much you spend. It means the more you spend on your speaker, the better sound quality you will get. On the other hand, if your budget is lower, you will have to make compromises on a few things. 

However, it is not as disastrous as it seems. Even with a lower price, you can experience a good sound quality with this set of speakers. So if someone tries to tell you that experiencing a good sound requires a lot of money, it is not true. Support your stance with this set of speakers. If you want to experience this premium sound quality, you can buy Klipsch r26f from tech pro line. 

Product Highlights

  • Frequency response: 38-24,000 Hz 
  • Sensitivity 97 Db
  • Impedance: 8 ohms compatible 
  • Durable polymer veneer finish 
  • The removable grille provides a streamlined and clean look
  • The front-firing port allows for efficient and fast airflow coming from the cabinet for powerful and clear bass. 
  • Weight of 41.9 lbs. each 


  • Since it is more suitable for small-to-medium places, it is not boisterous for more spacious areas such as a minor theatre.
  • The sound yield is not bit by bit and exact due to the raised affectability assessment of 97 Db
  • Being a two-way speaker framework, it cannot handle moderately sized frequencies.


As it goes with quality speakers, you will have to spend a good amount if you want to experience a decent sound quality. This is the case with the klipsch r26fAny of these sets of speakers will cost you just below 300 dollars which seems very cheap and affordable, but it is still a high price. If you want to have a floor-standing speaker with unmatched high-frequency fidelity, then there are very few products that can match the worth of this set of speakers. It makes the sound “soundful.”