Jewellery guide for Tamil bride

Indian weddings are always known for adorning brides in shining jewellery sets. However, the major reason for this to happen goes beyond appeal; it is an early tradition that dates back to 5000 years at least. Certainly, every subculture in the country has its own set of long-established bridal jewellery.

Tamil brides are indeed blessed to adorn temple jewellery for their wedding ceremonies. The gold pieces are inspired by different Gods and Goddesses wonderfully crafted with valuable stones. It is a sign of having the alliance blessed by the divine powers together with the exquisiteness of the precious metals. A Tamil bride is a great vision to observe especially when matched with a wonderful kanjeevaram sari. Here are certain things that add up to the bridal jewellery set for a Tamil bride. 

Thalai Saman

This is a collection of numerous ornaments that adorn the head of the bride. It includes the Vagpu Chutti/Netti Chutti; a long chain with a locket covered with gems in the middle. It rests on her forehead and alongside the hair parting. Together with this, there are the Chandrapirai and Suryapirai, symbolizing the moon and the sun respectively on both sides of the hair parting. These jewellery pieces are made of yellow gold or antique gold with rubies, kemp stones, and various other precious stones. The bride also wears a Rakkadi that helps holds her hair bun in position. Jadanagam is the finishing piece that is intertwined with the plait and is made up of gold and flowers. 

Mukkuthi/Mookku Vaḷaiyam

This is a complex and detailed nose ring that is studded with valuable gems or pearls. It can either be a stud of one distinct gemstone or an uncut diamond. Besari is yet another elaborate design that includes several stones. A Bullaku will add a chain that extends beyond the cupid’s bow of the bride.


This is the Mangalsutra. It can be a string of tiny black beads or a hard gold necklace with a locket in the middle. The design of the locket may differ according to the rites and rituals followed by the people. Typically, the design pays respect to Goddess Lakshmi. For the best Mangalsutra designs.

Mulla Muttu Maalai

This long-piece gold necklace is considered to be very auspicious. It typically has a spike design and the majority of Tamil brides sport at least two-three, indicating it as the Lakshmi haram asking for the blessing of the Goddesses for the marriage.


Vanki is nothing but armlets that have a V-shape, mostly. They include a design in the middle with elegant carved flora and fauna on the edges. 


Valaiyal is a heavy bangle made up of gold and embellished with valuable stones.


The bride will wear a crafted ring, mothiram that is studded with several gems and follows conventional design patterns. The groom might wear an identical ring too. You need to choose the best online store to buy gold rings

Mattal Jimikki

These are shaped just like a bell and they may feature chain extensions too. They are made of emeralds, gold, rubies, and pearl.


This jewellery piece sticks out from the rest: it is nothing but the gold waistbelt that the bride ought to wear. It defines the figure of the bride in addition to holding her sari in position. With temple designs and precious stones, it offers an astounding look to the Tamil bride.


Tamil tradition deems it ill-fated to wear gold below the belt, and so the anklet made up of sterling silver is worn on the legs and is adorned with minute bells and embellishments. 

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A customary silver toe-ring that is gifted to the bride by her in-laws to indicate her married status.

The wedding jewellery of a Tamil bride is nothing but extensive labour of affection and traditions that have been held to for years. The entire collection makes for a stunning bride!