Fabric Printer by Colorjet

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective and high-quality way to print on fabrics, consider the Fabric Printer by Colorjet. Its mechanical design and AIVC technology allow it to print at high speed, while its bundled software offers up to 20 percent savings on inks. Whether you’re printing on polyester or cotton-based fabrics, the live demonstrations will show you how the Colorjet Fabric Printer can make your job easier and more affordable.

VastraJet K2

The VastraJet K2 Fabric Printer by Colourjet is the new flagship model of the premium textile printer range from the ColorJet Group. This printer has been improved with 350 successful installations and boasts a daily print volume of 5000 sq m. It features 32 Konica Minolta print heads, low energy consumption, and the most efficient belt washing system. The VastraJet K2 is an exceptional textile printer with a number of impressive features, including high-speed printing, a large print area, and superior colour and contrast gradation.

The ColorJet Group is one of the largest digital textile printer manufacturers in India and offers its products in 25+ countries. Founded in 1995, the company has established a strong presence in the digital print industry and has grown to employ 278 professionals in two manufacturing facilities and eight offices in seven countries. The company has implemented over 4,000 products and printing solutions in over 450 cities worldwide. It has a reputation for innovation and is dedicated to meeting customer needs.

The VastraJet K2 is equipped with Purge Plus technology, which ensures continuous ink circulation and even temperature throughout the print head. Its Purge Plus print heads are specially engineered to achieve sharp design outlines and a brilliant yarn dyed effect. The VastraJet K2 also has ColorJet’s New Kiloton, which significantly extends print head life. Osci Plus rollers help feed the fabric smoothly.

The VastraJet METRO digital fabric printer from ColorJet has a maximum print area of 1.8 meters and is compatible with all types of inks. It can print on fabrics from 0.1 mm to 30 mm in thickness. It prints on cotton, polyester, silk, viscose, nylon, acetate, and viscose. It is also compatible with UV-curable inks.

ColorJet METRO

If you are looking to create custom home decor items, you can consider buying the ColorJet METRO fabric printer. This machine uses Drop-on-Demand Piezoelectric Inkjet technology to print on various types of fabrics. The machine prints up to 600×2400 DPI and supports up to 32 print heads. This machine comes with the ColorJet edition of NeoStampa software. This allows you to print with different colors and designs on a variety of fabrics.

The ColorJet METRO fabric printer is 1.8 meters wide and incorporates cutting-edge technology and efficient engineering. The printer is compatible with all types of inks, and it prints on a variety of fabrics from 0.1 mm to 30 mm. This machine is capable of printing on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, viscose, silk, nylon, acetate, and wool.

The ColorJet METRO is a high-speed digital printing machine with automatic color-control and advanced color management tools. This machine is easy to use and is compatible with many different types of fabrics. The printer can print on various types of fabrics, including high-end garments, home decor fabrics, and more. It can also handle a variety of files. Its ease of use makes it ideal for home businesses. A great digital fabric printer, the ColorJet METRO also comes with NeoStampa software, so you can easily manage and customize your designs with it.

The ColorJet METRO fabric printer delivers industrial-level production at speeds of up to 200 square metres per hour. The printer utilizes linear motor technology for fast ink jetting and features water-efficient cleaning of the sticky belt. ColorJet has won several awards and is the leading manufacturer of digital textile printers in India. The company has over 1,000 printers in operation in India and exhibits on a variety of international platforms.

ColorJet METRO is a versatile and high-speed digital textile printer that is ideal for home decor and high-end textiles. The machine offers advanced color management tools and can print multiple colors on the same fabric. This machine is compatible with many different file formats and inks. ColorJet METRO fabric printer can print on a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, silk, wool, polyamide, and other high-quality textiles.

The company also plans to install 100 of its digital textile printing machines in the market by the end of 2017. Its manufacturing facility in India employs state-of-the-art technology to keep costs low without sacrificing quality. And with a team of over two hundred employees, the company is well on its way to delivering more affordable color-conscious textile printing solutions to more customers around the world. You can’t beat the quality, speed, and energy-efficient ColorJet METRO fabric printer!

The ECO Friendly ColorJet TXF digital textile printer uses pigment ink for high-quality printing on a variety of fabrics. Its 3.2-metre width is ideal for mass-production. Colorjet developed the FABJET-DUO fabric printer with input from industry experts. Its advanced technology and energy efficiency make it an excellent choice for any home studio. If you need to print on polyester-based fabrics, this is an ideal machine for your needs.

SubliXpress Plus

If you are looking for a new printer for printing on fabric, the SubliXpress Plus by Colorjet is a great choice. The SubliXpress Plus is a wide-format printer with a 1.8-metre printing width. It is equipped with 8 staggered Kyocera print heads for variable drop sizes that produce crisp, even prints. Its patented AST TM technology is also a great asset in producing high-quality prints while maintaining low printing costs.

The SubliXpress Plus fabric printer by ColorJet features proprietary AST and HSTR technologies. These innovative technologies work with recycled polyester and are environmentally friendly. The SubliXpress Plus is capable of printing on low-gsm paper, as well as polyester. It also features a leaf clamp that prevents the edges of the paper from curling. As far as productivity is concerned, it is a great choice for the high-production market.

The SubliXpress Plus fabric printer by ColorJet has a priority position in large-format heat transfer printers. The company expects that the demand for fabric printing will grow explosively over the next decade. The SubliXpress Plus fabric printer by Colorjet is capable of printing on various types of textiles, including woven, knit, and polyester. It is compatible with a wide range of paper and can handle a large print width of 1.8 metres.

The SubliXpress Plus fabric printer by ColorJet India is a high-performance, industrial grade sublimation printer designed for shop floor production. The printer uses transfer paper with 8 colours for printing, giving visitors the opportunity to experience enhanced effects with fluorescent colors. The machine is also suitable for low-volume production. You can print customised textiles on a small scale with this machine. You can even print samples without incurring excessive costs.