How to Tell If Your Betta Fish Is Ready to be Put Back in Their Tank?

‍Bettas are commonly kept as pets, and they need special care. To ensure that your pet betta thrives, you need to monitor their living environment and take them out of their tank when necessary. There are a few signs that indicate when you need to put your beta fish back in its tank. When the light in the room turns off, it means it’s just about bedtime for your betta fish. After a long day of exploring and chasing around that red plant leaf, your betta will be ready to go back home and rest.

The Guide to Telling if Your Betta Is Tired

You can tell when a betta fish is tired if it is still floating in the water at 9 pm sharp. If your betta is acting lethargic, it is a good indication that it is time to return it to its tank. Lethargic bettas are normally suffering from poor water quality, stress, or an illness. Healthy bettas will want to stay active and explore their surroundings. If your betta is lethargic, it means that something is wrong and it needs to be treated. Another way to tell if your betta is tired is by its posture. Bettas return to their normal posture when they are ready to be put back into their tank.

Lack of Movement

Bettas are generally active swimmers that like to chase each other, explore the tank and have some fun. If your betta is not moving much around the tank or if it is sitting at the bottom of the tank, it is time to put it back into the tank. If your betta is not moving, it could be a sign of an illness or that something is wrong with the tank. Healthy, happy bettas are very active and playful. Additionally, bettas that are kept in larger tanks are more active than those that are kept in small environments.

Excessive Shedding

Bettas shed their scales once a week, but they should not be losing excessive amounts. Bettas that shed too much have poor water quality, or they are stressed or agitated. Bettas shed their scales when they are stressed, so if your betta exhibits this behaviour, it is a good sign that it is time to put it back in its tank. If your betta is shedding too much, it could mean that the water in the tank is very dirty and needs to be changed.

Loss of Colour and Shimmer

Bettas that have lost their shimmer and colour are not happy fish. If your betta is not as colourful as usual, it is a good indication that it is time to put it back in the tank. Bettas that are kept alone in small tanks lose their shimmer and colour because they get stressed. Bettas should be kept in pairs or in larger tanks to prevent them from being stressed. If your betta is kept in a small tank and has lost its shimmer and colour, it is a good indication that it is time to transfer it to a larger tank.

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The signs that your betta fish is ready to be put back in its tank are a loss of movement, a lack of movement, excessive shedding, and a loss of colour and shimmer. If you see any of these signs in your betta fish, they might be ready to be put back in their tank. If you have a betta fish and notice any of these signs, it’s best to check their water conditions and see if they are unhealthy. If they aren’t sick, they might just be tired and ready to go back into their tank.