Does Montenegro allow dual citizenship?

In South-Eastern Europe, Montenegro is a Balkan country. Does Montenegro allow dual citizenship? Citizenship in Montenegro requires some legal steps. Stick to the article to learn. But before starting one must know there are very limited chances under which it provides citizenship. Read more about Montenegro citizenship here.

Official Law of Montenegro:  

Montenegro according to its law doesn’t support second citizenship and hence doesn’t provide it. This rule has been followed since 2008. You can only get citizenship if you were born there, naturalization, and some other major factors. They follow this principle and call it Ius sanguinis. The good news is it is possible to have dual citizenship in Montenegro through some exceptional cases. 

One can have dual citizenship in Montenegro: 

Citizens of Montenegro Before Independence: 

  • Montenegro offers dual citizenship to the people who had dual citizenship before the independence of Montenegro. Before 2006 Montenegro was not independent. It was under the State Union of Serbia. After its independence on June 3, 2006. As result, the people had existing citizenship of Serbia. In this case, the state provides dual citizenship. 
  • If one wants to attain dual citizenship, they can have it in case their existing citizenship is from the countries that have signed a bilateral agreement with Montenegro. 

Through Naturalization: 

 Naturalization is another factor that can help one to get dual citizenship. Naturalization is in which a non-citizen gets citizenship under legal actions. In Montenegro, the law states that one can get dual citizenship in exchange for some financial contribution. A special program is followed in this regard that says only 2000 applicants can take part in this. They tend to make a non-refundable agreement with the government. It typically requires 100,000 dollars of investment and may end up to 450,000 dollars. However, these investments are used in developing projects. 

Through Investment: 

As a new and fresh country, Montenegro wants to get prospered. One can have citizenship through investment if: 

  • They don’t have a criminal background instead a clean background is required. 
  • You are observed in your character while the whole process. 
  • Most importantly your financial background and details are looked properly at. 
  • Lastly, it requires all your data. 


  • Does Montenegro allow triple citizenship? 

According to article 12 after the independence of the country, it didn’t allow dual citizenship to anyone except in some cases like naturalization, etc. However, the country prefers its security and hence doesn’t support triple citizenship. 

  • Is Montenegro easy to immigrate to? 

Montenegro follows a set of simple steps to give immigrants grants to live in Montenegro. They simply follow a tiered visa. One can visit Montenegro without a visa but for immigration, they need to go through legal processes. 

  • Can foreigners buy property in Montenegro? 

Yes, one can easily purchase a property as a foreigner. But to do so you need to first go through the registration process in companies in Montenegro. 

  • What is the average salary in Montenegro? 

The average salary of each person in Montenegro revolves around 2000 EUR every month. However, it ends at above 11,000 EUR.

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In conclusion, it is not impossible to get dual citizenship in Montenegro. There are some tight conditions under which it offers dual citizenship. Since it is a new country, it prefers its safety first. Hence, they have this rule not to provide citizenship to anyone. For that matter, they try to cooperate with the people as much as they can. For instance, if a person had citizenship before independence, through naturalization and using investment he/she may have the opportunity to get citizenship.