How To Improve Your Video Ads for Social Media?

Are you trying to increase your engagement rates? Perhaps you want to raise your brand awareness to get more customers? A video maker online gives you a quick way to promote your brand effectively. Check out to see the millions of templates available and just how free and easy it all is. 

Maximize your Video Maker Online 

Once you have your free video maker, you still need to create the perfect video clips. It isn’t just about the editing but also about the content if you want to post high quality videos. 

So, before you start your first video, make sure you plan who you’re targeting. If you also want to create your own video content, it’s a good idea to script what you’re going to say to avoid too many retakes. 

It’s worth also noting that the various social media platforms have multiple formats. Although, the best video maker online tools can connect you straight to the right platform. You can literally download straight into the channel you want with all the sizing done for you. 

Now, what do you actually need to do with your video maker online to create captivating videos that will have people coming back for more? Check out the following tips for when your create videos: 

  • 2 second attention grab 
  • Be human 
  • Consider the audience’s needs
  • Use call to action taglines 
  • Keep it fresh 
  • Partner 

2 second attention grab 

Many marketing sites might tell you that you have up to 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention with your own videos. Some say it’s 8 seconds and others say it’s 2 seconds. Either way, think about when you’re simply scrolling. 

How long do you give something before you move on to the next thing? So, whatever you do make sure that whatever you create with your video maker online is both awesome and catching. 

Be human

You might now be wondering how to make your professional videos awesome. A useful insight is to be personable and to tell a story. People get hooked by emotions, music and a good yarn. You’ll even notice that your free video templates have a beginning, middle and end. No matter how simple, stories captivate people. 

Although, don’t forget that any video creator has millions of video templates to choose from. This cuts down your editing work by hours. Of course, you can still upload your own content and merge it into your template. Either way, you’ll want to customize the templates with your human touch and still enjoy getting stunning videos made more quickly. 

Consider the audience’s needs

Another critical way to stand out with your video maker online is to make stunning videos that either help your audience with something or solve one of their problems. The key is that these videos aren’t for you but for the audience. 

So, get into your potential customer’s shoes when you’re planning to make a video. Then, make your product or service indispensable to their life such that they’ll be craving to do that one click to take them to the purchasing section. 

Use call to action taglines 

You might have created some amazing clips with your video maker online but if the next step isn’t clearly stated, you’ve wasted an opportunity. That’s why you need to use your video editing tools to include a short tagline at some point in the video, perhaps even with animated text. 

Keep it fresh 

With marketing, you usually want to send out a consistent message. That could mean repeating yourself when using your video maker online. Another way to keep things fresh is to consider what type of videos you’re creating and mix them up a bit. 

For example, you can find video templates covering product and testimonial video types. Behind-the-scenes are also very popular because you can show the human aspect of your brand. People want to connect to people, not logos and corporate paraphernalia. 


A useful tip when you download from your video maker online is to consider how you can use it to reach out to potential partners. For instance, can anyone share it with their followers because their business somehow supports yours? You could be covering different niches in the same field. 

Moreover, social media is all about reputation and followers. There’s no better way to do that than by leveraging a partner’s recommendations, especially for your first video. Of course, you’ll have to make sure you post some of their video content in return. Your audience will actually appreciate it though because you’re expanding their opportunities. 

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Parting Words on Improving your Video Ads with your Video Maker Online 

When it comes to creating a killer marketing strategy, make sure you know your audience and that you create videos to answer their needs and problems. Once you know your approach, you can easily create awesome content with your video maker online. You’ll have templates to choose from and some simple editing tools to upload your own content if you want. 

Simply remember that people love stories and that they want to connect with other humans, not corporate logos. You’ll also need strong attention-grabbing images and music along with great tag lines to get them hooked in the first few seconds. With all that, you’re bound to grow your followers in no time at all.