How to get hosting your own email infrastructure

If you are hosting your own email infrastructure, we can help! We’ve got all the technical knowledge and expertise to help you transition from your self-hosted Exchange email system to a hosted Exchange service for much more reliable and scalable hosting.

The transition process is simple – all you need is access to an authenticated Microsoft account that has administrative permissions over an Exchange mailbox. And once you do, we’ll take care of all the rest!

Starting with moving the data from your old server to our new one, configuring it on our cloud infrastructure and then setting up mailboxes on hosted mailboxes in Office 365. That’s it – your email infrastructure is ready to take off!

Different approaches for migrating email infrastructure

If you want to focus on the aspects of your business that really require you to host your own email service, then we are happy for you to keep doing so – we’ll support you with all the necessary technical expertise and assistance.

If however you feel that Office 365 can offer a way out of the ongoing headaches associated with self-hosting your own email service, then let us introduce you to hosted Exchange.

Hosted Exchange, a reason to adopt Office 365

Microsoft provides a hosted Exchange service for SMB and Enterprise customers who want to use all of the functionality of their on-premise email systems but who want the reliability, scalability and efficiency of Exchange Online. 

Unlike other hosted services, Microsoft does not charge end users for their mailboxes – this is considered providing a free tier for email services. You do however need to sign up with the free Office 365 plan and have one or more active accounts in these accounts to get started with using the service.

Because you have control over your own email infrastructure, you can customize your setup as much as you wish.

Hosted Email Infrastructure Is An Example For:

  • High availability
  • Line of business apps
  • Unlimited users
  • Convenient management tools
  • Reliable storage space and data transfer capacity
  • A wide choice of client applications

You can migrate only certain mailboxes to Office 365 to start with and then add mailboxes as your business demands.

To convince you that hosted Exchange is the right solution for you represented by kampung bloggers, we have listed several reasons below: 

Consistent infrastructure

You will use the same service provider that your customers are using, which is bound to increase your customer satisfaction levels.


The provider is responsible for the service, not you.


You will rely on Microsoft’s infrastructure and processes, which are second to none.


Your data will be stored securely in Microsoft’s datacenters, monitored 24x7x365.


Migrating to hosted Exchange will allow you to expand your business at the same time as reducing your operational costs and risks. Benefits of upgrading to hosted mailboxes include:

Unified Communications (UC)

Fully integrated UC services enable you to communicate and engage with your clients with a single set of tools that can be accessed anywhere anytime via a Web browser or mobile device.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is an increasingly popular business tool because it makes use of shared storage, which reduces storage costs. This can be particularly useful if you have many small office locations and wish to centralize your cloud storage for the sake of efficiency.

Mobile connectivity

Mobile connectivity enables users to access data from any location, greatly increasing productivity by eliminating the need for physical papers or files.

Enterprise-grade security

When hosted on Microsoft Azure, Exchange Online is shielded by Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security technologies such as: multi-factor authentication (MFA), compliance management, encryption and other features that protect against spam, viruses and malware.

Continuous Protection

The Archive feature protects against ransomware, while the Content Filter sends never-before-seen messages to your archive.

Single pane of glass

 Being able to see reports of how your business is doing across all aspects of the business with a single report can be extremely convenient. You will also be able to see which employees are coming in late and when they are accessing office applications as well.

Garbage collection

The Mailbox Cleanup tool removes deleted items from mailboxes on a regular basis, ensuring that you don’t pay for storage that you don’t need.