Family Bathroom Renovations

The idea to renovate your bathroom is pretty exciting, but it can be overwhelming as it involves a lot of time and money. So, before you jump into action, you need to have some basic things sorted. It is always better to have a professional help you execute your plans as it requires experience. 

What Do You Need In A Family Bathroom Renovation?

As we mentioned, renovations involve a lot of things, so before starting, it is best if you sort out the following things:

  1. Budget and Time: You must fix the amount of money, and the time you are willing to spend on renovating your bathroom. This would help you and your designer plan your decorations and design elements accordingly.
  2. Working sequence and hidden problems: Take the help of a professional to break up the entire job into parts. They would also help you understand the hidden problems you might face during renovation and find solutions. 
  3. Design style: We always have a vision of how we want our bathrooms to look, but in reality, things might not end up that way. You must discuss your picture with your designer so that he can suggest to you all the practical solutions and bring out the best outcome. 

          Here we are suggesting some styling tips –

  • Implement a layout that creates a calm environment: If you have a small bathroom, avoid stuffing in things and ensure enough passage.
  • Avoid installing unnecessary things: Installing a bathtub that you won’t use is one of the biggest mistakes while renovating your bathroom. It reduces the adequate spacing, but it also makes your bathroom look clumsy if it is a small bathroom. 
  • Add proper lighting: Lighting adds life to all the spaces of our homes, so adding proper lighting is important.
  • Check the texture of the tiles: When you plan to renovate your bathroom, you must ensure that the tiles you are installing aren’t slippery and have a proper grip to avoid dangerous accidents. 

Next Step: Deciding What To Do With Your Bathroom’s Features!

A family bathroom is generally used by multiple people simultaneously, mostly siblings. Here are some ideas of what you can do with your family bathroom features:

  1. Add enough storage: When multiple people use the same space, having adequate storage is a must. If it’s for children, you must ensure that the cabinets are built at an accessible height. 
  2. Install a shower-tub combo: While young kids might prefer tubs, older kids might choose to use showers. A combo would save space and give options and, at the same time, give your bathroom a close look.
  3. Install efficient faucets: Faucets are an essential element in the bathroom, and so is their placement. An out-of-the-way faucet would ensure a clutter-free space and a centrally positioned tub. Simple to use faucets like lever ones are easy to operate for children.
  4. Make easy-clean walls and fuss-free flooring: When multiple people are using a space, the tendency for wear and tear increases. Hence, it is better to opt for options that are resistant to damage and are easy to clean, like plain cabinets without handles, large format tiles with minimal joins, and water-resistant floors. 


These are some of our suggestions for you when you plan to renovate your bathroom. You can use these tips and take the help of professionals to design your perfect family bathroom.