How to choose the right Microsoft PowerApps services

So you are looking for a customized solution for all your Power Apps needs? The right Microsoft Power Apps service provider must be able to design a productive and efficient app for your business or customize an existing one. Besides, the app they design should follow all the best practices to avoid developing issues and inconveniencing your business later on.

Further, the right provider needs to offer broad consulting and support for everything PowerApps, by determining your app requirements and providing fast and scalable solutions. The goal should be to improve your business’s management and customer service with as minimal fusses as possible.

How do you find a provider with these qualities? In this quick guide, we explore the exact areas the right Powerapps services should help with. Let’s dive in!

Solve problems

Choose a service provider who will analyze your day-to-day business activities and identify a problem that you are currently solving manually. Examples of problems at your workplace could be complaints, gaps, and other common inefficiencies.

Problems that require paper and email or those that require manual data transfer (from a spreadsheet to another or from email to a database) are eligible for solving with an app. If a problem is big, it can further be automated into smaller manageable elements.

Below are examples of common issues a Microsoft PowerApps service provider can help you solve:


This entails minimizing friction for people who have different work environments. This could include people with disabilities and remote workers.


Accelerating end-to-end collaboration speed amongst stakeholders.

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Seamless reporting to the management.


Reduced waste paper in the business.


Solving legal and accounting issues were handling personal information is required.


Automating site attendance by tagging the location of the user.


Setting up seamless expense approval systems.

In recent times, consumers are evolving, which means that businesses must keep up with customer needs. As a business owner, you have to give your business a competitive edge by solving its problems. How do you do this? By finding the right service provider who will help you solve the problems we have mentioned.

Help your business grow

A Microsoft Power apps consultant should have a good reputation for adopting user-friendly and hands-off approaches. They should have put into practice the services they offer for a long time, meaning that their expertise to increase business productivity is broad.

The right service provider can help your business grow in the following ways:

Expanding your customer base

Through integrating your app with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure services. Your app should be a stepping stone to cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Making your business more agile

By using the app in your business processes, you will be able to move data quickly and automatically from one place to another.

Scale with a pre-built solution

Your new app should be easy to scale by packaging it as a solution that will be an ongoing revenue source.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Power Apps

As the service provider will explain to you, Microsoft Power Apps will benefit you in the following ways:

Speed in creating apps

This can be achieved by using an existing Sharepoint Online list to create an app, using a blank canvas, or using the Power apps portal.

Use different data sources

You will be able to connect different data sources and online services with minimum development specifications. Such data sources include Microsoft 365 and third-party services like Adobe and Dropbox.

Automate based on end-user generated data

Power Apps will trigger the workflow engine and enable developers and business users to add an automation function based on data from the end-user.

Incorporate AI easily

If you want to incorporate AI into your app, your service provider will show you how. Power Apps AI will help with language detection, keyphrase extraction, category classification, text recognition and classification, and identity document reader.

Multi-device support

Once the service provider builds the app, you can share it through the web, mobile, or tablet which minimizes any complexities.

Consulting With a Service Provider

Once you have found the right service provider, it’s time to get down to work. Most will first engage your team and gather all the information about your work and any special requests you may have.

Your team will then be taken through the process, step by step to make sure they understand what the process will involve. They will then create a customized app to integrate into your business processes.


The right service provider has experience working with clients in different industries like legal, financial, manufacturing, insurance, financial and nonprofit sectors, which means they can create any kind of app.

If you carefully research and find one, they will bring their skills into your business and utilize Power Apps to customize an app that automates common processes so you can stay focused on growing your business.