Top Website Design Tools Every Website Designer Should Know

With the innovation of more and more software, there are tools to help you with literally everything. There’s not a single thing or task for what you can’t find the tool to help you with. Either free or paid, there’s definitely going to be something for your aid.  

Similarly, there are numerous tools to help you while designing a website. With the advancement of technology, there are multiple companies looking for web designers and those web designers are looking for design tools to help them. This is why we have made this list of top website designing tools for you:

  1. WordPress 

One of the best and most used website designing tools is WordPress. The number of features on this website is limitless. There are a thousand in-built features on this website, and you get to optimize everything as per your choice and convenience. More than 35% of websites on the internet run on WordPress. 

  1. Wix

An easy-to-use video editor platform, especially for beginners, is Wix. just like WordPress, Wix can be used to create multiple different kinds of websites. Launching and editing a website on Wix is so easy that most designers use this tool just for this feature.  

  1. InVision Studio

Another one of the best UI tools used by most web designers is InVision Studio. The tool comes with a very catchy and simple interface with innumerable features. InVision is said to be the best tool for prototyping, responsive and collaborative designing. In fact, you can also create and edit animations through this tool, plus the website also allows you to create transitions for your videos. Here, you can also invite people to show your designs and collaborate with them. 

  1. Bootstrap

For building a mobile-first website, Bootstrap is the best source. It’s basically a free library of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are various different features of this tool to make your website attractive and engaging. The tool is specifically designed to code a website much more conveniently and quickly. The elements of this tool include header, forms, navigation, buttons, alerts, and much more. 

  1. Photoshop

Well, who hasn’t heard or used this tool? No one. For adobe users, this is the best and the most important tool. The best part about this website is that it allows you to develop authentic as well as attractive content while creating digital artwork. Although the website is not the right match for beginners, but will surely give you the right insights into designing a website. 

  1. Dreamweaver 

This one is an adobe application, especially used for coding, editing, and maintaining a website. The unique and special part of this website is its interface. Even the slightest change in your website’s coding is displayed on the homepage of Dreamweaver. 

You can also this website along with Bootstrap. 

  1. Sketch 

Another one of the top website designing tools, mostly used by UI designers, is Sketch. The website was created especially to develop websites and apps, this is why you won’t find any unnecessary tools or features on this website. The design and interface of this website are very simple yet engaging. In fact, the size of the app is also very small, so it won’t take up much space on your device. The only drawback of Sketch is that it can only be used on Mac, any other operating system won’t be able to install this app. 

So these were the tools you can use while designing a website. All of these tools are equally effective and efficient.