How to Choose a Hairstyle for a Dress: Tips from a Dress Shop Stylist

The complete image will only be total with suitable styling. Even the most luxurious dress will lose its expressiveness if the hairstyle harmonizes with it. We asked stylists from dress shop how to style hair for a festive outfit. We have collected excellent tips on how hairstyles are combined with different dresses.

Short Advice From Milla Dress Shop

An open dress is very feminine and elegant. The style of the dress will tell you the hairstyle. There are models with a plunging neckline, bare shoulders, or back, and we provide small style tricks for each.

  • If you choose a dress with open shoulders in the online dress shop, combine it with almost any styling. Curls, a high hairstyle, a ponytail, all kinds of braids – choose the option to your taste.
  • Make an elegant high hairstyle for a round deep neckline.
  • Wear a deep V-neck with hair gathered in a bun, and you can try both a low knot and a high bun. This style of dress is not recommended to combine with loose hair. Otherwise, the neck will look short.
  • A dress with an open back is good to decorate with hair that does not cover the neckline. It can be a high braid or a tail made on the side.

Hairstyles for a Long Dress

If you buy dresses with an extended hem, make a high hairstyle. The long trumpet dress requires smooth, neat styling. Excess volume in combination with such a dress looks disproportionate. The Greek-style dress, loved by romantic young ladies, perfectly combines with slightly carelessly styled hair and braided baskets.

Hairstyles for an Evening Dress of Other Styles

The evening dress can be short, so why not? Voluminous hairstyles, such as curls or a high tail with a bun, are suitable for a lush baby doll outfit. You can make any hairstyle for the trapeze style based on your taste. With a sheath dress, create the image of a confident and daring person, and make a smooth tail.

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