How Quickly Can You See An ROI With PPC Advertising? Is It Instant?

When compared to the more long-term digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC advertising is widely considered as being one of the fastest online strategies to yield serious results. When executed well, you can enjoy almost instant traffic to your website for a wide variety of focus keywords. But just how quickly can you see a return on your investment?

Read on and let’s find out….

How quickly can you experience an ROI with PPC advertising?

The speed at which a business can see an ROI through their PPC advertising depends on a wide variety of different factors. With an experienced marketer at the helm, some businesses can see instant results – with an optimal ROI being achieved between the 3 and 9-month stage.

For others, an ROI might not even be achievable. It all comes down to how much time and effort you put into your keyword research, how well you craft your copy, the quality of your landing page – and indeed how attracting your offer is.

In any case, the average time for a sustainable ROI in PPC advertising (assuming all is going well) is several weeks to a month.

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What is classed as “good results”?

While it depends on your goals, a PPC campaign is typically considered as being successful once it begins to attract lots of clicks to your website. In this case it indicates that your chosen keywords are working, your audience is interested, and that your ads are doing the trick.

On the ‘softer side’ of PPC, even if you aren’t immediately making a return on your investment, you’ll still be getting plenty of brand exposure. The fact is, many internet users will be exposed to your business for the first time, which does make an impact – albeit a small one.

Of course, the important thing is converting those clicks into customers. So, unless the traffic you are getting starts to buy your products or sign up for your services, your PPC advertising campaign will not be performing optimally.

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The best metric is your cost per acquisition (or CPA). To give you a rough idea, if you spend $4,000 on your PPC campaign and you make 20 sales, your CPA will be $200. If you are selling hot tubs at $8,000 a pop – that’s a solid ROI. 

It all comes down to the net value of each ‘sale’. So, for example, a hospitality business might not do so well with a CPA of $200, however, an estate agent certainly might.

What factors will influence your overall success?

So, how do you get to the golden hill with PPC advertising? Which factors will influence your overall success?

  •  Well-researched keywords.
  • Understanding of search intent behind those keywords.
  • A good use of negative keywords to qualify leads.
  • A solid advert with strong sales copy.
  • Premium quality landing page with intuitive UX design.
  • Clear and well-positioned CTAs.
  • Plenty of social proof to encourage sales and signups.

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If you can get these locked down, you will significantly increase the likelihood of users clicking on your ads and ultimately converting into customers through your website / landing page.


In conclusion, there is a real potential to see a return on your investment in a very short space of time. If you crush your ads and landing page and put together a truly killer offer, you may even be able to start making serious sales within the first week of running your ads campaign.

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But, make no mistake, even the best campaigns might take months and months to take off. It all depends on your industry, the market, timing, and so much more.

For the best results we recommend hiring an agency that offers expert PPC services. That way you can leverage their expertise and take the path of least resistance.