Social Media Advertising: What Platform to Choose to Place Your

Social media is a must to reach your target audience faster, whether it’s your online business you are trying to advertise or a law firm. Unless you are lucky, going viral overnight is not an option you should be waiting for. Instead, you can invest in social media ads to achieve real business results and increase your online presence. 

Depending upon what kind of business you run, you could choose from the following social media advertising options that are popular with your target audience.

Facebook Ads

You can invest money into Facebook Ads if you want to achieve the following objectives for your business. 

  • Build awareness for your brand.
  • Increase traffic to your website and increase engagement.
  • Encourage application installs and video views. 

Facebook is a great platform to get started for marketing, as many teenagers are using it, and the elders are also trying to catch up with it. If you wish to advertise a beauty makeup product, then it would be best to post it as a video ad to drive more customers. 

Many people like to view Facebook stories because they are quick to watch. You could use this opportunity and post ads on stories but make sure to keep them simple and easy to understand.

Instagram Ads

Just like Facebook, Instagram also supports the same objectives. Instagram is more popular with millennials. When advertising, go for customer targeting options to target your ideal viewer. 

You can create ads for your brand on Instagram feeds or stories. Plus there is another additional option to reach your audience on IG TV. 

When you place ads on photos and videos they would look like a normal post except for the fact that it will say sponsored on the top. Make sure your ads are the same style as your organic posts so that the audience can recognize your brand right away. 

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is much more business-oriented than other social media platforms. It offers targeting based on professional qualifications like the title of your job. It helps with the following business objectives:

  • To create brand awareness for your brand. 
  • Collects leads and drives website conversions.
  • Increases engagement and encourages video views.

Sponsored content ads on LinkedIn are targeted at a larger audience that shows your brand expertise. There are different types of content advertising on LinkedIn you can choose from, such as images, videos, or carousel ads. Maximize your spending by advertising on LinkedIn with First Page NZ.

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Pinterest Ads

With advertising on Pinterest, you can achieve the following business goals. 

  • Build brand awareness and increase online presence. 
  • Drive organic traffic to your products. 
  • Help drive traffic to your website and encourage application installs.  

Pinterest is more famous among female users as it offers inspiration and ideas for home decor, beauty tips, and much more. It means that it naturally leads to shopping and purchases. But still, the purchases do not happen right away and you need to make efforts to advertise on Pinterest as well.

Your business ads on Pinterest are known as promoted pins that act the same way as normal pins but obviously, they are visible to a wider audience. Since Pinterest is used for generating ideas, it has a longer lead time than other platforms.