Google Play Music Can’t Establish Secure Connection

The Google Play Music app is a great way to listen to music on your phone, but if you’re having trouble connecting with it and are getting the message “Google Play music can’t establish secure connection” or “connection lost before login could complete” then this article can help.

There are so many users for Google Play Music that it is important for Google to keep the app running smoothly. A big part of this involves diagnosing and fixing bugs as they come up, so if you are experiencing a problem with your connection then this article might help you.

Reasons For Google Play Music Can’t Establish Secure Connection Error

There are a number of reasons that might lead to this error. For some, the connection is lost before they can log in; for others, it could be an issue with their phone or router settings; and also for some other people the problem may have something to do with which network they’re on (GSM vs CDMA).

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Else there might be an update that is preventing Audio CDs from being uploaded directly to Google Play Music. Some users have overprotective security suites thus blocking Google Play Music. This leads to 3rd-party antivirus is interfering with the connection between Google Play Music and the device.

The main reason can be issued with the Internal application server. This can be quickly fixed by uploading via the desktop version whenever the web version is showing this error message.

A lot of the time, people have issues when they don’t have a strong internet connection or their WiFi isn’t working properly. See if there’s an issue with the power on the router and modem.

How To Deal With This Error?

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your phone has a strong signal and reboot it if needed, as well as checking the network connection on your PC or router. If these don’t fix the problem then you may need to switch from GSM.

Check for your 3rd party Antivirus Software and disable it. There are some external security solutions which are protecting your system along with blocking you to process with any modifications. You can disable real-time protection to resolve your problems and then turn it back on.

If these solutions are not enough for you then I recommend backing up your data, and resetting or restoring all settings to factory default mode. If this still doesn’t help then you might need to call an expert for the support!

If all else fails, clear the cache in Chrome by going to Settings > Advanced > Clear browsing data. This will get rid of any problem that may be happening with your browser’s cache.

Keep in mind the possibility of crashing on the web version. You can opt to upload the music files with Music Manager.

If uploading music files via music manager causes this error, you can try a cross-platform which is an open-source application called GPMDP (Google Play Music Desktop Player). Download the player and go ahead with the installation and configuration.

If you don’t have a working internet connection, GPMDP will not be able to work on your computer. If this is still the problem with the application then it can only get solved by calling an expert or reaching out for support!

Regardless of which workaround you choose, make sure that all settings are correct. Now you are all set to rock and roll!