Best CRM for Startups: Overview

Today, every business needs a CRM especially as a startup to store contacts, help manage customer relationships and centralize their processes. The CRM software industry has increased rapidly over the years, and every solution in the market has brought its own set of unique features. However, CRM software developed by custom software development firms is an important factor for scalability for startups.

Also, as a startup, migrating from one CRM to another can be tough, so it’s important you choose a solution that won’t outgrow from the start. And the CRM you choose as a startup should be able to scale up your business. Choosing the best CRM solution is important, and they are all cost-effective. In this article, you will learn about the best CRM for you as a startup and by the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to know about the best CRM.

HubSpot CRM: Best Overall CRM and Best User Interface for Startups

If you are just starting up as a business owner or company owner, investing in a CRM or investing in CRM for the first time and looking for an easy-to-learn option, HubSpot CRM is the best option. This CRM is built by a software development agency from Hubspot to give the best user interface, making it easy to navigate through and operate its built-in tools such as email tracking, e-signature, and workflow automation.

HubSpot CRM is built by a custom software developer in a way to make it free to use forever for an unlimited number of users. Aside from the scaling-up benefits of HubSpot for startups, you can also gain access to goal tracking, payment integration, and slack integration features. Also, HubSpot has an academy that offers free learning tutorials, videos and courses, and some of these HubSpot academy training offers certificates for sales, services, marketing, and software products.

HubSpot CRM also has a sales forecasting tool for startups, which is useful for growth in business planning, but this is only accessible in enterprise and professional plans.

HubSpot CRM Key Features

  • It has sales forecasting capabilities
  • It has document management features such as e-signatures
  • The presence of built-in quote generation features for project estimating
  • Presence of customized tools for reports, dashboards, data fields, and record layouts.

Zoho CRM: Best CRM for Social Media Marketing Tools for Startups

As a business owner just starting up, you may often want to use social media to engage your prospective customers and customers. Zoho CRM is the best software to use in this case because it offers integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This will enable you to share content, generate leads and monitor conversations.

Zoho CRM has a feature called Zoho Begin, and it is specially created for small and micro-sized businesses to manage their customer relationship, contact, and management of products. Like HubSpot CRM software, Zoho also has a free option that allows business startups to collaborate through messaging and syncing team calendars and to manage leads. But if you want features for sales forecasting and social media management on Zoho, you will have to upgrade to Zoho Standard plan.

The free plan on Zoho CRM limit is to three users. So if you want a free CRM that allows more than three users as a startup, you can use HubSpot CRM because the software allows an unlimited number of users, which is a forever plan.

Zoho CRM Key Features

  • It has social media tools for engaging and monitoring leads on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • It has AI features for profile searching, sales predictions, automatic chatbots, and insights.
  • It has sales forecasting tools for reporting and sales estimates.
  • It has a native software to integrate the CRM system with Zoho Desk, Zoho Social, Zoho Workspace, and Zoho Calendar  
  • Presence of team collaboration software that has calendar syncing and chats features.

Pipedrive: Best CRM with Built-in Appointment Scheduling Tools for Startups

Pipedrive is CRM software that focuses on sales to enable small business owners to manage and customize sales deals and leads. Pipedrive CRM doesn’t offer a free version but has the lowest tiered plan. This software has an artificial intelligence sales assistant to help startups create strong relationships with their customers. The first advanced plan of Pipedrive offers business owners to schedule meetings and automate workflows.

The advance plan of Pipedrive offers the opportunity to manage appointments with sales contacts to help small business owners and startups make a good first impression. It also allows you to integrate meeting schedule features like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to use as a communication channel for sales.

Pipedrive CRM also has add-on options such as LeadBooster, which allow startups to engage with and generate inbound leads through an online web form, live chat, and chatbot. This option on Pipedrive CRM also allows you to see the organizations that are browsing your website, checking your social media, and the pages they viewed.

If you choose Pipedrive CRM provider software as a startup, you will have access to a cost-effective plan but not a free-forever plan.

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Pipedrive Key Features

  • It has a customized products catalog option
  • Presence of deal management and solid lead for monitoring and customizing sales pipelines
  • Presence of a meeting scheduler and a video conference options
  • It has artificial intelligence sales assistance to increase performance.
  • Document management features for sending contracts, invoices, and proposals.

Streak: Best Google Workspace Integration Capabilities Software for Startups

Streak CRM is one of the best CRM software for startups looking for solutions with Gmail and other Google workspaces like drive, sheets, chats, and calendars. Streak CRM software is important for startups because it can because deadlines, projects, sales deal pipeline, and tasks can be easily monitored through Gmail and other Google workspaces.

Streak CRM software built by a software development agency offers free plans that allow you to customize your sales pipeline, integrate it with Google workspace and send a limited number of emails daily. For example, if you upgrade to the solo plan of streak CRM, you can send only 800 emails per day. You also have the opportunity to add up to 5,000 data rows.

Unlike other CRM systems with reporting features on their low-tier plans and free plan, Streak CRM allows you to report to be generated only on its Pro plan.

Streak Key Features

  • Management of clients deal through Google workspace like Gmail
  • Presence of pipelines for hiring, managing sales, and project processes.
  • Present of contact enrichment tools acquired from Google workspace.
  • Auto-boxing feature that automatically categorizes emails and adjusts pipeline


CRM softwares is helpful; it can help your business grow; it can help you organize; it can help your daily business operations and make work as efficient as possible. Whatever you may be doing as a startup, you need a CRM software to help you in sales management, marketing automation and sales pipeline tracking.

Choosing the right CRM for your business as a startup will take some comparison but choosing from a software company like FortySeven is a good place to start. If you want to manage your customer relationship efficiently, Hanna Shnaider is an experienced consultant who can help you with any CRM.