Backlit Trade show display

The greatest platform, Expomarketing, provides superior quality, durable and long-lasting backlit trade show display with an impressive look and easier setup. This company consists of professional team members that deal with clients in a comfortable environment.

In this modern era, people change their style of working. Now for attracting clients, various ways are developed by utilizing the latest techniques. The backlit trade show display is one of the exclusive techniques you can utilize to impress your customers.

So radiant is the best source for selecting the best-backlit trade show. Because it contains the latest techniques that make you comfortable in countless aspects. Means our products are user-friendly and are prepared according to clients’ requirements.

Radiant does the path where you can acquire individual designs at affordable prices. To know more about this, keep reading.

So those want to get exclusive designs and the latest techniques based on backlit trade show display.

About backlit trade show display

The way where you want to provide an exclusive look to your system there Expomarketing is at the first place. The company provides you high standard backlit trade show that turns your whole system into a stunning view.

Countless factors are counted before selecting the backlit trade show system. The first is the addition of the latest technology in the backlit trade show display setup because advanced techniques make your system adorable and attractive.

In addition, the functionality of the backlit trade system should be based on a user-friendly mechanism. And you can get this in a radiant backlit display system that provides you durable, tool-less, and comfortable setup.

Furthermore, you can get comfort in shipping, setup charges, drayage, etc. These factors combine to make the radiant backlit system more famous in the industry.

On the whole radiant backlit consist of impressive graphic, high technology, and simple mechanism that provide you comfort in each step of usage with long-lasting stunning results.

Main Factors of backlit trade show display

Packaging system

The backlit trade packaging system is considered at the top place. Radiant backlit trade added a unique mechanism of packaging that provides comfort to clients for different purposes. This means this backlit display brings in a customs shipping case delivered with UPS services.

The pack contains ideal width, length, height, and weight that can be easily handled even by a single person because the packaging case includes a wheel that can be managed.

In addition, special compartments are arranged for the accessories countertops, graphic place cards, baseplates, etc. This arrangement creates comfort in finding items.

The setup

Another factor is the setup that is either simple or needs extra attention in managing the backlit trade show display. But the radiant backlit system is consists of a simple setup that can be easily fixed even by one person.

Because everything is fit perfectly and you can adjust easily, the whole display system is tool-less and contains washable fabrics graphic that looks attractive on illuminating. So you can set up a radiant backlit system simply with an outstanding view.

The Accessories

The main and important factor you can’t forget is the accessories that are part of the backlit trade show display. Radiant provides you with high-class technology that makes the display eye-catching.

Users can easily set this system with another display system, like shelving, canopies, laminate counters and hanging signs, and numerous others. Not it all. With the radiant backlit system, you can also add furniture and flooring to enhance the look more impressive.

Main products

  • Radiant P08192B 10*20
  • Radiant220 10*20
  • Radiant P08213A 10*20
  • Radiant 214 10*20


Radiant brings exclusive quality and standardization in the backlit trade show that you never find in any other source. Let’s now proceed to the main features of the backlit trade show display.

  • Huge collection of exclusive models and configurations.
  • Numerous options like lighting, TV mount counters, and product display shelves.
  • The backlit trade system is tool-less.
  • Storage options are based on a simple mechanism. This means these are available in limited booths.
  • Addition of high-quality, durable, and user-friendly shipping case.
  • Fabric is reversible and washable.
  • The option of place card is presented in digital and vinyl.

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Wrapping up!

We hope you understand and like this topic about the backlit trade show display. If you are interested in getting more info about this company backlit exclusive trade designs, then we suggest you visit the official website.