A Handbook For Online Casino Newbies


Taking the leap to register for your first-ever casino site can be daunting yet an exciting experience. Though this process can be confusing, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive handbook that guides you on all aspects of the online casino experience. From choosing a proper site to managing your bankroll, read on to learn how to win and enjoy online gambling! 

The criteria to look for in a good casino site

While searching for a casino site to play at like www.bingomum.co.uk, beginners should choose their site according to the following criteria: 

  • Variety of casino games

A good casino site should offer a wide range of games and types of games for users to pick from. Beginners should research to see if their preferred game is available.

  • Payment options

The available payment methods differ according to casino sites. Hence, beginners need to check beforehand if their preferred banking options are available on the chosen casino site. 

  • Bonus and promotion

These elements play a significant role in your winnings and overall experience. 

  • Safety and security 

Beginners should only entrust their money to reputable and well-regulated operators. This ensures that their winnings and personal data remain safe. 

  • Customer support 

Problems in online casinos are inevitable. It is far more assuring to have round the clock customer support that you can contact via multiple channels. 

Selecting a go-to casino site from the thousands of options can be difficult. Thus, new faces are encouraged to use the aforementioned guideline to judge if a site is compatible with them. The next few sections will cover some of these criteria in detail.

Types of online casino games 

When you first enter the casino site, you will be greeted with a wide variety of casino games made available to you. Slots are the most popular game in an online casino, and a good operator should own a range of different slot games for you to choose from. Classic slots are the simplest and the most common type of slot game. The game operates with just three reels and they do not have any additional features, so beginners are encouraged to experiment with classic slots before progressing to more complex slot games like the five-reel machines. Meanwhile, progressive slots is another well-known variant that has been gaining popularity. Progressive slots boast a huge jackpot that increases according to the number of players. 

In terms of table games, blackjack and roulettes are the two most popular games. Online casino’s charm lies in its extensive options to pick from, so a blackjack player can opt for a classic version or even bonus blackjacks too. If you enjoy roulettes, be sure to check out the different editions based on countries. Virtually all table games offered at a traditional casino are offered in online casinos, games like baccarat and poker are available too. 

Online casinos are not limited to the existing games played at traditional casinos and have evolved to offer newer kinds of games to the market. Video poker, bingo and keno are just some examples of the newer generation games you can find here. Famous sites also operate a live casino on their site, where players bet against live dealers via webcam. Playing at a live casino is an interesting experience, try joining it when you have the opportunity to!

As a newcomer to this industry, we encourage you to try all the games to see which game best suits you. Remember to keep an open mind when experimenting, because only through trial and error do you grow as a gambler. 

Payment options and bankroll management

Because online casinos revolve around money transfers, users should always look for operators that offer their preferred mode of payment. Top casino operators have a long list of banking options for players to choose from, namely debit and credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards or bank transfers. Credit cards are the commonly used payment option due to their convenience, while e-wallet services are used to protect the user’s banking details. Meanwhile, debit cards can be useful if you want to curb your overspending habits too. 

There are certain sites that incentivise players that use a specific payment option. But the key considerations to select your go-to payment method should be its convenience, low banking fee, and its security. Amongst the three considerations, beginners should put the most emphasis on the banking option’s safety. 

Bankroll management is an important skill to possess for every online gambling beginner. Beginners are advised to start playing with a small portion of their income to ensure they do not lose everything overnight. This way, players can sustainably spend their money to gamble for a longer period of time. This method is a good way to prevent players from being addicted to the game too. 

Staying safe when gambling 

To ensure your safety, beginners should only play exclusively at sites that adhere to the following pointers: 

  • A reputable site with proper licensing

Casino operators are mandated by law to be regulated by the country’s gambling authority. To better gauge a site’s reputation, one can search reviews by existing players. 

  • Avoid blacklisted casino sites

There is always a reason for a casino site to be blacklisted. It can be a slow payment process, unsafe banking methods, or even bad customer service. 

  • Independently audited casino sites

A good casino site should be independently audited. This proves that the operator’s practices are fair and just. 

  • Advanced security protocol

Having secure encryption protects the users’ transactions and ensures the user’s data is kept safe. Hence, beginners should pick sites that guarantee a safe experience. 

  • Secure connection 

If you are accessing casino sites via automobile, always check if the connection is secure. Inputting your important details when connected to a public server can possibly leak your data. Therefore, we urge users to only enter sensitive information when they are connected to servers that can be trusted. 

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This handbook covered the important touchpoints of a good casino site — the types of games, payment options, bankroll management, and safety protocols. By referring to this handbook, beginners are now trusted enough to find the right casino site and game. With this essential knowledge, any beginner will know how to gamble well to increase your bankroll.