7 Pro tips to design a logo for your Barber Shop.

Whether running a barber shop or a jewelry shop, it is very important to make the perfect logo. Without a logo, there is no unique identifier for your shop. You cannot pick any random color or design for your barber shop. The logo must be related to your shop and work. Therefore, every element of the logo is very important. That is why we are going to discuss some of the important tips that can help you to design the best and most appropriate logo for your barber shop.


Popular foundation colors for barbershop logos are black and white. While some stores maintain a monochromatic aesthetic, others use red or blue accents to offer a splash of color. Red and blue are also typically featured on many barber poles to represent the services offered by the shop. Red and blue continue to be the two most popular colors for this business, even if not all barber shops use poles anymore. You can pick any color that represents your shop. 


A smart barber logo alerts consumers to your services at a glance, much as the ancient barber pole did. To do this, the layout of your logo should be straightforward enough to appear excellent on signs, social media, and other applications. Here, plain symbols, succinct catchphrases, and huge typography work nicely. If you are designing a logo for your barbershop, utilizing this strategy for layout can help you stand apart from the crowd.


Bold and distinct typefaces in italics or other formatting are frequently used in barber shop logos. Fonts like Serif and Script can provide a vintage appeal, while modern and Sans-Serif fonts, on the other hand, are more suited for the no-frills, basic type. When creating your logo, choose a font that accurately represents the idea of your barbershop and make sure it is readable on all surfaces. For the best typography, you can take the help of the barber logo maker.


Typically, the instruments of the trade serve as the basis for barbershop insignia. Razors, combs, scissors, and barber poles are all appropriate icons for barber logos. Try using a more symbolic approach if you want your barber logo to distinguish itself from the competition. Customers can learn about the essence of your business by looking at animals and abstract shapes that make you stand out from the competition. Keep your symbol unique from others.

Unique features 

Keep your barber shop logo looking sharp by including a few unique elements. Your logo gains shape via containers and separators, which frame the key components. If you choose either, seek patterns with strongly geometric patterns like rectangles, circles, basic lines, and razor-sharp lines. Stacking the symbols and words may give your barber’s logo depth. This logo’s design adds height for a strong first impression. Finally, add rounded text to your logo to complete the design, a timeless component of vintage barbershop signage.


A logo’s recognizable style, color scheme, and typography are important as it is a key component of branding. In addition, the branding style should remain consistent, utilizing printed contact information, a website, social networks, or something else.

A company’s branding conveys to a potential customer what the business represents. Additionally, it creates continuity so clients can recognize the business at the first look, as a logo is the first thing any potential customer sees when interacting with a brand or spotting it in a public space. Decide on the branding strategy you want for your company before creating a barber logo that matches it. After that, you can create a logo that matches the branding aesthetic.


A logo may include text, illustrations, icons, or both. The barbershop’s surroundings and services should be reflected in the icon. For instance, metropolitan barber shops will have a more distinct logo than those in suburban locations due to the difference in how people perceive their barbershops.

Icons typical of barbershops include:

  • a guy sporting a beard
  • a beard on a skull
  • a blade
  • Scissors
  • Combs
  • The broomstick
  • the mustache

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When creating a logo, it’s crucial to remember that the icon should be adaptable. It will be seen online, in profile images, in print, and in other places. Therefore, the icon you select should be scalable and maintain clarity wherever it appears.

A barber shop logo must be related to your business only. Most importantly, you must keep your logo unique, simple, and attractive. Consider all these tips and design the best logo for your shop.