5 Key Tips To Create A Successful Urban Parking App

An urban parking app is serving more than one benefit. The most crucial benefit that it serves is keeping a check on illegal parking. Urban areas have everything but sufficient parking spots. This makes it difficult to park a vehicle, especially during the weekdays. People have been found to leave early from home just to get a parking space near their destination.

Parking apps have started to resolve this problem. A user can find the nearest, if not the best, parking spot. This is extremely helpful as users do not have to worry about where they will park their vehicle after reaching the destination.

The best way to develop a successful urban parking app is to outsource mobile app development service to a third party. This, however, still requires you to be aware of the basics related to the parking app.

5 Key Tips

Here are the five basic key tips that will come in handy while creating a successful urban parking app.

Work On Interface

The interface is what everyone interacts with including the owner of the parking space and the driver. A better interface will guarantee huge success for the parking app in the market.

The sign-up process must be easier, with an option to directly register using an email id or a social media account. Users find it convenient to get started with a single tap. They remain satisfied as they do not have to enter their basic details again. The section of Reviews and Ratings must be highlighted so that users can get a better idea about the place where they will be parking their vehicle.

When it comes to making it convenient then the payment process must also be done as quickly as possible. The integration of a UPI app is the prevailing trend. Customers can link their UPI account to complete the payment in a maximum of two steps.

Allow Navigation

Navigation here refers to providing real-time data to a user. Allowing them to navigate their way to the parking spot is one of the best ideas that are sure to make an urban parking app unique in the market.

Widely applicable to huge parking places, real-time navigation can assist the driver to find the parking spot by getting an accurate location. Many places, like a mall, have multiple parking floors. Instead of directing the driver to the entrance of a parking spot, it would be a much better option to navigate them to the exact place where they can park their vehicle.

This requires the company to embed GPS coordinates, something that would demand a company to hire a dedicated app developer. This tip is sure to make an urban parking app rank higher in the market.

Keep Dashboard User Friendly

A dashboard is equally important as the interface is. There is a thin line between the two with one difference. The dashboard acts like a backend part for the owner, a place where he can view multiple points at once.

A complicated dashboard confuses the owner, making him or her give up on the urban parking app much before getting started. It is important to keep it self-explanatory. Another best way is to keep the support channel open 24/7, with an easy-to-access option. Let the owner access the number of drivers who frequently park their vehicles. This will give a better idea while trying to come up with a loyalty discount.

The owner would also be able to know how many drivers order additional services in the parking space. An additional service may include car cleaning, basic repairing, or air checking.

Enable Advance Booking

An urban parking app with a feature that lets a driver book his or her parking in advance has a better chance to be preferred during festive seasons.

Every public place gets crowded. People visit them to shop, eat, or just hang out with family and friends. This makes it difficult for others to park their vehicles. A feature that can let a driver book a parking space in advance has an edge as it will help them to keep a spot reserved for his or her vehicle.

This can be further boosted from an owner’s side by offering huge discounts. Owners will not have to think about how they will manage the sudden inflow of vehicles. They will have all the important details with them beforehand.

Prioritize Safety

Safety must be the utmost priority while creating an urban parking app. This is generally clarified while discussing the guide for parking app mobile development with the developer.

Safety comes into the picture at a time when cyberattacks are on the rise. Users are more aware of online safety and they demand that it must be applied at every point. This includes data and payment sections. A user’s data is the first thing that is targeted with every cyberattack. Hence, it becomes crucial that the data is protected at all costs. The same applies to a financial transaction. No user would want to lose his or her hard-earned money to a hacker.

Another aspect that is gaining pace with the rise in the number of urban parking apps is a car’s safety. Users, rather drivers, suggest that they must be able to keep track of the safety of their vehicle in case the parking time is higher than usual.

Final Words

The scope for urban parking apps is beginning to widen up. This is probably the best time to create one and get it on the market. The tips shared above are extremely likely to come in handy if you want to create a successful urban parking app.